Monthly Guest Room Rentals

The House of Two Urns Bed and Breakfast was Chicago’s premier B&B in Wicker Park for 25 years.  We closed House of Two Urns B&B in December 2016.

We loved innkeeping and all the wonderful guests and friendships we made along the way while sharing our historic 1912 brownstone, but politicians in Chicago and Cook county have conspired against licensed Bed & Breakfasts and so, like many others, we were forced into closing.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s  lenient Airbnb ordinance allows over six thousand to compete against  Chicago’s 13 licensed B&Bs and Joe Berrios, County Property Tax Assessor, dramatically hiked property taxes on only those licensed as a B&B putting them in the same tax class as Wrigley Field and the John Hancock Building.  So when your client base is eroded heavily on one end and taxes are upped thousands or tens of thousands a year on the other end by a corrupt politician, there is no survival in the middle.