20+15 Gift Certificates

2013-10-27 07.44.20 (2)In December we offer a great bonus on any House of Two Urns gift certificate purchased from December 1-20th, 2014.   For every $100 or more that you buy in gift certificates you will receive a 20% increase in the value of your purchase.

e.g., Pay $200 towards a Two Urns gift certificate and we will issue it for $240 to the recipient of your choice.  You can even buy them for yourself for use anytime from January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015.

We do issue gift certificates any time of the year – but it is only  when you purchase a gift certificate from December 1-20th as part of our “20+Program” that you earn the extra 20% on every dollar you spend over $100. Please call us directly at: 773-235-1408 to purchase a House of Two Urns gift certificate for that perfect gift for someone you love.