Wicker Park Guest House

138Guests are welcome to inquire about renting one of two entire floors of our B&B guestrooms as a “flat” or vacation apartment rental  in what is known as our “Wicker Park Guest House.”  These rentals do not include breakfast, only coffee/tea service and allow a group of friends or family to stay more economically all on one floor.

Both flats sleep from 3-5 people from $225-$350/night, hotel tax is an additional 11.9%.   Free wi-fi, one garage parking space (directly behind the flat), 3 TVs with HD Satellite service, a courtesy house phone with free phone calls, fully-equipped kitchens, dining and sitting rooms in addition to the 3 bedrooms: one unit has 2 baths, the other has 3 bathrooms. There are no cleaning fees assessed for normal usage.   More information is available with lots of pictures at: www.wickerparkguesthouse.com.

Please note that since rooms are generally booked for “B&B” guests and are not held back for flat rentals, you should inquire  and reserve a flat early (2-3 months in advance)  in the Wicker Park Guest House.