About Two Urns

One of our favorite lunch specials at $5.95 for 3 courses on Division Street a short walk from Two Urns.

Located in the SE corner of Wicker Park we hosted guests in our traditional Bed and Breakfast for 25 years!   We  have closed and are using Airbnb, until we find permanent renters.  We have loved having so many returning guests, with whom we have shared the joys of marriages, births of grandchildren and all those guests just discovering Chicago for the first time.  We will miss you all very much!   Due to the punitive political climate created by Rahm Emanuel and Joe Berrios towards licensed Bed and Breakfasts in Chicago, we can no longer make a living doing what we have loved doing, welcoming strangers and friends to our home in Wicker Park.  Check out our listings through Airbnb, where you not only get to book securely, but you can feel good that 4% of your fees go to help the homeless in Chicago.