B&B Guestrooms

ext2urnsWe offer guestrooms in historic Chicago “two-flats”; both located on the same block of Greenview in the SE corner of Wicker Park – just 10 min. to the downtown “Loop” area and museums and a 1.5 block walk to public transit or cabstand.  They were originally built for shop owners living on the top floor with their shops on the first floor.   All but two of our guestrooms have private bathrooms – all but one (das Porzellenzimmer) en-suite – some guestrooms are guaranteed off-street or garage parking and some rooms we will give you a free permit to use to park on our residential permit-only street.  All guests have access to a full “guest kitchen” with ability to make coffee/tea, warm up left overs, or refrigerate perishables.

Guests are welcome to inquire about renting an entire floor of guestrooms  as a “flat” rental  in what we now call our “Wicker Park Guest House.”  These rentals do not include breakfast, only coffee/tea service and allow a group of friends or family to stay more economically all on one floor: www.wickerparkguesthouse.com.

Please note that since rooms are generally left for “B&B” guests and not held for flat rentals, you should inquire early to be able to get a flat in the Wicker Park Guest House.