Chicago by Car

Take Exit 49A west off the I90/I94 (Kennedy Expressway).  We are the 3rd street west of the Kennedy.  The Montessori school play area garden is at our corner. Turn right and drive 1/2 block to 1239 N Greenview. Ring doorbell at right door.

Please park between the two “TOW” signs in front of the inn.  This is the designated Two Urns Guest “Loading zone” for you to use as you check in with us.  You will not be towed or ticketed for staying less than 30 minutes BETWEEN these two signs.  If you park in front of, behind or anywhere else on the block you may be subject to a $75 parking ticket.

We do not recommend renting a car.  City parking lots (Pay/Display) with meters or other lots are VERY expensive ($35+); it is cheaper to take a cab to and from (about $12 to downtown) than to pay for parking on top of rental car fees.   Pay and Display kiosks are on major streets and vary from street to street, but cost around $2.50 – $7.50/hour with 2-4 hour limits and vary on the times of day depending on where you are in the city (downtown vs. neighborhood).  Always check the notes on the Pay/Display kiosk.

Most guests with rental cars are so frazzled by the congestion and traffic from the airport to us that they park the car and never use it.   It is really cheaper to take an alternative option from the airports.

Guests, who are driving in to Chicago, will find it easy to park their car off-street with guaranteed parking spaces that come with these guestrooms:

  • la Alcova (off-street parking lot)
  • la Chambre des Chats (off-street parking lot)
  • das Porzellanzimmer (off-street parking lot)
  • King (garage space)
  • La Chambre des Amis (garage space)

Our other guestrooms (Eastlake, Blue, Walnut) are given a 24 hour permit for parking on our block – the rest of the neighborhood is available without permit.  If you leave your car parked and change out the permits daily you should have no problem.   If we have guests, who are not using their designated parking spot, we do offer these spots to other guests when possible.

In Chicago parking is at a premium in the evenings or late at night and during the winter months (November 1 – April 1) there is no overnight parking on main streets like Division or Ashland – even if there is no snow predicted, or no 2″ of snow these streets are always left clear between 2 am and 6 am daily.  Cars are ticketed and towed immediately if left on any “artery” or  main street.