Late Arrival

Special arrangements must be made in advance for checking in after 6:00 pm and should be arranged a minimum of 72 hours in advance.

We no longer check guests in after 9 pm.  You can schedule a self check-in with a lock box if we are unable to have staff available late.  See notes below:

What is a self check-in?

A self check-in is for guests, who cannot arrive during preferred check-in times when we have staff available.

Why is a self check-in necessary?

We do not have a front desk person, who waits all day or night for your arrival.  We have staff and innkeepers, who wear many hats and handle a diverse work schedule and your innkeepers need to get a good night’s sleep.

Am I a good candidate for a self check-in?

If you read and follow your e-mailed instructions about checking in with a lock box, are not easily flustered and can enter with luggage quietly, then you are a good candidate.  We expect that guests will have read through all the instructions before they arrive, so that they know what to expect and bring these e-mailed directions with them.  You should ask questions before arrival if something is not clear about where you will go, how to open the lock box or how to find your room.

We generally choose the guest’s billing zip code (4-5 digits) or part of their street address or phone number so it is a number easy to remember.  In this e-mail we will also inform you how to find your room once you are inside the building and if you have a vehicle, you should let us know so we can give you information on where to park your car.  If you wish to arrange your breakfast time the next morning you can do that in advance with us, also.  Otherwise, we assume, if you are arriving late, you will be at breakfast at 10 am, our last seating.

What is a lock box and how does it work?

These are commonly used in the US by realtors or apartment management companies.  Depending on the building you are in,  the lockbox will be on the gate or the doorknob and you will receive directions in an e-mail from us about a week before you arrive.  Please look at the following info sheet on how the lock box operates:

Lock Box instructions for a self-check-in

Lock Box instructions for a self-check-in

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