X Machina Robotics Team

All Star Rookie Award Winners - X Machina

All Star Rookie Award Winners – X Machina

House of Two Urns is a proud sponsor of the Lane Tech H.S. “X Machina” Robotics Team.  They placed 39 out of 100 teams in the Curie field during the World Championship in St. Louis, MO (April 24-27, 2013) and showed great skill in playing defence with their frisbee shooting robot.   This is a great start for a rookie team and we are excited that they are going to be winning many more awards in future years!  Congratulations to the entire team and faculty advisors: Mr. Durham, Ms. Smit and Mr. Law.

Congratulations to Lane Tech HS “X Machina” for winning the All Star Rookie award for the Mid-West FIRST competition on April 6, 2013!

This is their “Rookie” year and the students did an excellent job last fall with their FTC robot with both teams winning regional and advancing onto State.  They have just completed the ‘Build’ stage of their  FRC project and are awaiting to compete as team 4546 in early April at the University of Illinois Chicago.   We witnessed their robot at their reveal presentation and we were very impressed with their work.  The team of 30 students  worked for over 6 weeks straight putting in an extra 24 hours per week after school and on weekends.  We wish them the best in the upcoming regional competitions! (more info)