• How To Patch An Air Mattress

    Now let’s be real, a mattress brand can promise you that its product doesn’t scratch or easy to have holes, but you need to know how to patch an air mattress nonetheless. In fact, it’s the number one skill that an air mattress owner needs to have, besides pumping in and pumping air out.

    Leaking air is a frustrating problem, regardless you are using the air mattress in your home or outside camping. Luckily, we can have the solution quick and effectively by bringing the patching kits with us whenever we use the air mattress. All you need to do is just learn how to do it.

    We have presented how to patch an air mattress effectively and fast below, so make sure you read it to the end.

    Air Mattress Patching Repair Kits

    As with any other house works, you need to get the right tool if you want things to be done successfully. In patching an air mattress, the toolkit without a doubt must include the vinyl patch and the vinyl adhesive.

    What is vinyl?

    You can see that we use both patches and adhesive made from vinyl. So what is vinyl?

    Vinyl is a synthetic resin, or more often called, plastic. While an air mattress is most commonly made of PVC, we can’t realistically use the final form of PVC that is used on the surface of a mattress to mend a mattress. In the situation when a hole is making your air mattress deflating, we will need to have self-adhesive vinyl.

    Self-adhesive vinyl is a material that is both flexible and versatile. People often use it to create graphics, decorate walls, windows, etc. Among its wide variety of users, we also use vinyl glue, or vinyl adhesives, or vinyl bonding to mend air mattress.

    The type of vinyl plastic that is used for patching is actually polyvinyl chloride. The substance is safe and easy to use, so you can patch your mattress on your own, and teach anyone in the family to use it.

    Where can I buy an air mattress patching kit?

    Commonly, an air mattress patching kit comes together in the bundle with your air mattress. However, if you lost it, used them up or didn’t bring it with you on the trip, we can easily buy these kits in the local hardware stores. If you look for these kits in outdoor stores, you will see them in a larger bundle including sandpapers, too. In a pinch, we can even use a patching kit for cycling. Most companies also offer their products online, so you have the option to conveniently have them delivered to your doorsteps. Otherwise, some convenient store or supermarkets also carry these items.

    We can easily buy air mattress patching kits in the local hardware stores

    We can easily buy air mattress patching kits in the local hardware stores

    If a kit is nowhere in sight, you could look for these two items instead:

    • A vinyl patch: this looks like a sheet of thin plastic. Vinyl sheets are also the materials of shower curtains or pool liners.

    (If you don’t have vinyl patches and need to fix the air mattress right away, we could make do with any strong and thin sheet of materials, for example, cotton, or duct tape. With cotton and duct tape, the mending will be temporary, and we need to use different types of glue).

    • Glue: Depend on the patch that you use, we can choose different kinds of glue to create a bond.

    If the patch is made of vinyl or PVC, then use vinyl glue. This combination is the best and lasts you the longest.

    If the patch is cotton, you have to use regular superglue. However, this cannot stand water for too long, so you wouldn’t want to do it outside of an emergency.

    If you use duct tape, then no glue is needed because it is self-adhesive. However, the duct tape doesn’t give us a bonding, rather, it just sits on the surface of the material. That’s why using duct tape makes our patch comes off quickly and should only be used temporarily.

    You’ve known what we need to have in the kit. On the other hand, there are some more common household items we would need to use for this job:

    • A pair of thin rubber gloves.
    • A pair of sharp scissors to cut up the patch for mending.
    • Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to wash up the space that we’ll put the glue on.
    • Soap and water for cleansing. We can use wet wipes for this purpose.
    • Wet wipes (optional).
    • Duct tapes; or a clean piece of cloth and superglue for temporary mending.

    So, let’s get into the task!

    How to patch an air mattress: Step by step guide

    How to patch an air mattress step by step guide

    How to patch an air mattress step by step guide

    To mend holes in a mattress, we need to:

    • Locate the holes.
    • Clean the surrounding areas.
    • Do the patching.

    Let’s go do the job from one step at a time.

    1. Locating the leaking holes

    A mattress is big and the holes that air leak from are often small and hard to detect. Most of the time, you would have to inflate the mattress fully to catch these holes.

    Use your eyes to scan all of the sides. If the holes are too small, you would also need to use your hands to feel up the air leaking out. Keep the air pump by your side all the time, because this trick would not work if the mattress is not tightly inflated.

    *Tips: If your hands can’t feel the leaking holes, your ears might be able to detect it. Lie down so that your ears are close to the mattress and start scanning in that position. We are looking for a hissing sound.

    If the holes are still nowhere to be found, then we need to use the aid of water and soap.

    Make a solution with one teaspoon of liquid dish detergent in two cups of water. Soak a sponge in the solution and spread soap water all over the mattress. From the leaking areas, we will see bubbles popping up.

    Once you’ve found the leaking hole, make sure you mark that up with a pen! Some people also use tape or even their lipstick. We can utilize anything that stands out and won’t leave a mark later.

    As we’ve done with step 1, let’s get into step 2.

    2. Cleaning the surrounding areas of the leaking holes

    First of all, deflate the mattress completely. If the mattress is still full of air, the patching work will look wrinkly and can’t prevent the air from leaking.

    Cleaning the surrounding areas of the leaking holes

    Cleaning the surrounding areas of the leaking holes

    Lay the deflated mattress down on the ground. Use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean the areas that we marked. We can use cosmetic cotton, or normal cotton, or even a towel to do this. Don’t use wet wipes though, because the water in wet wipes will dilute the isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that you mark the holes in the nearby areas of the holes so that the markings won’t be wiped away.

    *Tip: We can also use the soap water used above to clean the area, however, that won’t make the patch stick as well as the alcohol.

    Take out your patches, now we will come to step 3.

    3. Do the patching works with the leaking holes

    More than often, a vinyl patch that comes with the kit is much bigger than the diameter of the holes we need mending. Therefore, you should use a scissor to cut the patch to an accordingly size. Use rubber gloves to avoid the glue get on your hands. Put some glue directly on the hole, and spread the glue out all over the areas surrounding the hole. Then with your clean fingers, put the patching on the glued areas. Press the patch down with pressure. Make sure it covers the entire area.

    Most people recommend pressing the patch with your hands in around 30 seconds. Then, we can use something with weight to put constant pressure on it, for example, some books or any similar flat-sided object. We could leave the pressure on for 3 hours to be safe. We need the glue to be dry before putting this pressure on, though.

    *Tip: Never lift the patch if it is wrinkly or unsightly because lifting up now will exacerbate the hole, making patching much harder. After 3 hours have passed, you should inflate the mattress fully again to make sure that the holes are no longer leaking. If there is still air leaking out, we should press another patching on the existing one.

    How to patch an air mattress with temporary fixes

    Like mentioned above, a patching kit might not always be available. Which are when we should use temporary fixes like duct tape or superglue and cotton sheets.

    How to patch an air mattress with temporary fixes

    How to patch an air mattress with temporary fixes

    • If you want to use duct tape:

    Find the leaking holes like the instructions above.

    Cut the duct tapes in long stripes, about 3 – 4 inches. We would need about 3 stripes.

    Clean the area surrounding the holes, and put the duct tape stripes on it in a vertical – horizontal and cross pattern. The three stripes should lie on each other like an asterisk (*).

    Put pressure on the patching work with your hands in about 30 seconds. Use some books to apply constant pressure on the patching area for about 2 minutes. Wait for another 30 minutes to inflate the mattress again to make sure the holes are no longer leaking.

    • If you want to use super glue:

    Find and clean the areas surrounding the leaking holes.

    Cut a piece of fabric from any clean cloth. We recommend using round pieces of fabric with a diameter of 1 inch. Otherwise, you can cut them up to any size you want. However, too big patches won’t stick on so well, and too small patches won’t be able to prevent air from leaking.

    Place the piece of cloth firmly on the air mattress. Dab super glue on to wet the cloth. Use two fingers to keep the cloth in place.

    Wait until the super glue dry, which is about 2 – 3 minutes.

    Let the glue sit for about 10 minutes and inflate the mattress again to see if the air is still leaking.

    If you want to use super glue

    If you want to use super glue

    *Note: These two are temporary fixes that will only work to keep your mattress from deflating in a short amount of time. Whenever possible, take out the duct tape and do the patching work with a proper kit. If you mend the holes with cotton cloth, then the new vinyl or PVC patch should go on the existing cotton mending, covering a larger area.

    More tips on how to patch an air mattress:

    • The corners and sides of the mattress cannot be mended by yourself. You should take your mattress to the store to have them patched. Or else, it will leak air easily no matter how right you put the patches on.
    • Most air mattress comes with a warranty policy. Always check this policy to see if you can trade your punctured mattress for a new one, or if the store offers to mend your mattress for free.
    • Avoid putting your mattress on rough surfaces, and always check for sharp objects before placing your mattress down to avoid punctures. Most brands don’t cover the warranty if you place your mattress on a sharp object.
    • The warranty policy will also render ineffective if you have already mended the mattress yourself using super glue. Therefore, if you have other bedding options on hand, leave the work to the professionals rather than mending it yourself.

    Final words

    Air mattresses have many advantages to traditional foam mattresses. However, you must know how to patch an air mattress since they can be punctured and leak air. With this article, we hope that you have nailed down the know-how. Let us know if you have any more questions regarding mattresses!

  • Three Effective Ways on How to Patch an Air Mattress

    Feeling your mattress slowly deflating at night? That is the worst sleeping experience you can ever have. There is only one reason for that—there’s a leak in your air mattress.

    But before you throw out your leaking air mattress, there’s one thing that you should know— it can be fixed. You can save your mattress simply by patching over its leaks and tears. Once you do this, your air mattress will be back to its normal inflated self.

    How to patch an air mattress? Read this simple tutorial to know how!

    The 3 Tried and Tested Methods on How to Patch an Air Mattress

    Below are the steps and materials that you would need to fix your leaking air mattress:

    What You Will Need:

    • Sharpie
    • Sponge
    • Bucket of water
    • A teaspoon of dishwashing liquid
    • Sandpaper or wire brush
    • Scissors
    • Alcohol

    For Technique #1:

    • A Patch Kit

    For Technique #2:

    • Shower curtain

    For Technique #3:

    • Duct tape

    Step #1: Make sure that there is a leak.

    You should understand the fact that the best air mattress for everyday use loses air naturally so the deflation may either be due to cold temperature or leak. To determine if it is a leak, it is recommended that you fully deflate then inflate the mattress.

    If the mattress deflates within just a few minutes, it is most likely that it leaks. Another thing that you can do is to sit on the mattress for a few minutes. If the mattress sinks for more than 2 inches, it also indicates a leak.

    Step #2: Locate the leak.

    There are plenty of ways on how you can look for the mattress’ leak. Here are some of the things that you can try:

    First, check the air valve of the mattress. Place your hand in front of the valve and feel if the air is escaping the valve. If the leak is in the valve, it would be best for you to contact your manufacturer so you can have the mattress replaced.

    If the problem is not in the valve, stand the fully inflated mattress on its side. After that, put your ears 2 to 3 inches from the mattress to listen for a slight, hissing noise that indicates a leak.

    Pro Tip: Start your search on the bottom part of the air mattress because most people leave pointy things underneath their beds.

    If you can’t find the leak yet, you can wet the back of your hand and run it against the mattress. When you get to the part where there is a leak, the air that escapes from it will cause the water to evaporate, making your hands feel cool.

    Another great idea is to use soapy water to search for the leak. You can do this by adding a teaspoon of liquid soap to a small bucket filled with water. Soak a sponge in the bucket then gently use it to wipe the mattress down. You will see bubbles forming in the area where there is a leak.

    Once you have found the leak, make sure to wipe the mattress dry as the accumulation of water in the mattress may lead to the formation of mildew and molds. You should also leave it out in the sun for 1 to 2 hours.

    To know how to properly do this, watch this video:

    Step #3: Mark the leak.

    Once the mattress deflates, it would be impossible for you to find the leak again. That is why you should circle the hole using a Sharpie.

    Step #4: Patch the leak.

    Here are three of the most effective ways on how you can patch an air mattress:

    Technique #1: Use a patching kit.

    You can find this kit in the camping section of any outdoor store. This is the easiest and most effective way to patch an air mattress.

    The kits are cheap and contain sandpaper, glue, and patches and are designed to fix the leaks on bike tires, tents, and air mattresses. If the hole in your bed is just small, a bike tire patch will do. When buying patching kit, make sure that the one you will buy is explicitly designed for plastic or vinyl.

    Step #1.1: Deflate the mattress.

    It is a must that you get rid of all the air in your mattress as the glue of the patch will get ruined if it comes in contact with air.

    Step #1.2: Sand the mattress.

    If the hole is at the top part of the mattress, it is a must that you remove the soft covering that surrounds the hole. This is important because the patch in your kit won’t stick to that smooth surface.

    What you need to do is use the sandpaper in the kit to sand away that soft covering gently.

    Step #1.3: Clean the area surrounding the leak.

    After removing the soft covering, proceed on cleaning the bare area using either soapy water or alcohol. This is done to ensure that there would be no debris, dirt or dust that may prevent the patch from sticking to the mattress.

    Thoroughly dry that area before proceeding with the next step.

    Step #1.4: Cut the patch.

    Cur the patch to a circle that is one and a half times larger than the leak.

    Pro Tip: If the patches are already pre-cut, you should choose the one that is larger by 1 to 2 centimeters than the hole.

    Cur the patch to a circle that is one and a half times larger than the leak

    Cur the patch to a circle that is one and a half times larger than the leak

    Step #1.5: Apply the patch.

    There are two types of patches. The first one is applied the same way you would use a sticker. The second one is attached to the mattress with the use of a special glue that is also included in the kit.

    Pro Tip: To know how your patch works, make sure to check the manufacturer’s directions that are stated on the kit’s label.

    Using the heel of your hands, press down the patch with gentle yet firm pressure for 30 seconds. If the patch fails to stick to the mattress, you can use a rolling pin to flatten it against the mattress.

    If the patch is applied using a glue, you should lay a heavy object on top of it and let it dry for 2 to 3 hours.

    Technique #2: Using a Durable Patch

    If you noticed the leak at night and there is no way that you will be able to buy a patch kit, this is your next best step.

    But before you do this, you should understand the fact that any DIY fixes on your mattress may void its warranty. Most manufacturers would suggest that you go for a patch kit. But if the bed is already beyond its warranty, this is a repair technique that you should try.

    Step #2.1: Remove the soft felt that surrounds the leak.

    Same with the first technique, you would need to remove the soft felt at the surface of the mattress as this can prevent your patch from sticking to the mattress. However, you do not have to remove all of it, just the ones on the surface surrounding the hole of the cushion.

    You can do this by lightly scrubbing the area using either sandpaper or wire brush.

    Step #2.2: Cut a patch from your shower curtain.

    Since you do not have a patch kit on hand, you can improvise. You can do this by cutting a rectangular or circular patch that has one extra centimeter on its sides.

    Pro Tip: If you do not want to destroy your shower curtain, you can go for anything that is thin, plastic or malleable. One good alternative would be a tarpaulin.

    Step #2.3: Glue your DIY patch to the mattress.

    Apply glue around the hole of the mattress. Place the DIY patch over the glued surface and apply even and steady pressure to help it stick to the mattress. Use your fingers to smoothen out the patch. If the glue oozes from its sides, wipe it down using your fingers.

    Pro Tip: Make sure that you use a strong adhesive that is specially formulated for vinyl and plastic surfaces.

    Step #2.4: Let the glue dry.

    Place a heavy object over the patch and let the glue dry for about 6 to 8 hours. You can use books and other heavy objects but avoid pointed, sharp objects as those may further ruin your mattress.

    Technique #3: Using Duct Tape

    This is the easiest and fastest way to patch an air mattress and is another excellent option if you do not have any access to patch kits. After all, there is no need for you to deal with glue when you choose this technique. Also, almost all homes have duct tapes on their toolbox.

    Using Duct Tape

    Using Duct Tape

    However, you should keep in mind that this solution is just temporary as the duct tape may come off after a few months.

    Step #3.1: Make room for the duct tape.

    If again, the leak is at the top portion of the mattress, you would need to remove the soft coating of the mattress. This time, you would need to sand a bigger surface of the mattress to make way for the duct tape.

    Afterward, you should clean the mattress surface by wiping it down with alcohol. Let it dry for a few minutes.

    Step #3.2: Cover the leak with duct tape.

    Cut duct tapes into strips that are a few centimeters bigger than the leak that you are trying to cover. Instead of covering the hole with just one strip of duct tape, I recommend that you use at least four strips of tape and arrange them to resemble the asterisk shape.

    Pro Tip: Keep in mind that the duct tape may fall off, so it is recommended that you replaced it with a stronger patch when you gave the time. Make sure to clean the residue that the tape may leave behind when you remove it.

    How to Properly Care for Your Air Mattress to Prevent Leaks

    As they say, prevention is always better than cure. That is why it is vital that you carry out extra precaution when caring for your mattress. With that in mind, here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

    Look at your surroundings.

    Before you plop your bed down on the floor, make sure to check that it is entirely free from anything that can potentially pop and blow up your mattress. This means that there should be no thumb tacks, stones, scissors, or any sharp items that can destroy your beloved air mattress.

    If you are inside your home, you should sweep or vacuum the floor before setting down the mattress to it. If you plan to use the mattress outdoors, pick up and throw the sharp sticks and stones that are lying around the ground.

    Put your air mattress away from appliances.

    Aside from sharp objects, other things can damage your mattress. The most common item would be excessive heat. It can melt away the material of the mattress and may cause unwanted holes on its surface.

    Because of this, you should keep the mattress away from campfires, heat vents, and heaters.

    Keep the mattress away from campfires, heat vents, and heaters

    Keep the mattress away from campfires, heat vents, and heaters

    Inflate the mattress only to its proper capacity.

    It is essential that you fill the mattress with the right amount of air. When too much air is put inside it, the seams of the mattress will be subjected to pressure which may ultimately cause a blowout.

    In Summary

    The biggest problem that you would encounter when using an air mattress is leaking. Lucky for you, there are lots of ways on how to patch an air mattress. The best method, of course, is to use a patch kit as it is more convenient. Plus, it will not void your mattress’ warranty.

    But if you have no other choice, using either duct tape or a durable patch would be enough to do the trick.

  • 2019 Best Travel Pillow You Can Get Your Hands on!

    Traveling is such a fantastic experience, but it can also be a pain in the a**, mainly because of its long travel time. Many people claim that it is not about the destination—it is about the journey.

    Imagine this:

    middle aged woman feel shoulder pain in the airplane

    middle aged woman feel shoulder pain in the airplane

    ou are finally able to save up for your dream trip, and you are excited to enjoy the most amazing activities and see the most breathtaking views of your destination. But after spending long hours at the plane, you end up with an achy back and a painful neck issue. As a result, you find it difficult to fulfill all the plans that you have during the trip.

    That sucks, right? Because of that, you have to make sure that your journey is as comfortable and fun as your destination. We know just what you need—the best travel pillow! This article can help you discover which one it is!

    The Ultimate Best Travel Pillow Comparison Table 

    Travel Pillow Brand  Size  Type  Fill Material  Outer Cover 
    Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow  11 x 12 x 3.8 inches  Neck Pillow  Memory Foam  Velour 
    TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow  2.2 x 4.8 x 10.8 inches  Body Pillow  Air (Inflatable)  None 
    Trtl Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow  2.9 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches  Innovative Pillow  Not applicable   Fleece 
    Bcozzy Chin Travel Pillow  9.8 x 11 x 4.7 inches  Chin Pillow  Not stated  Micro-fleece 
    J-Pillow Travel Pillow  9 x 8.9 x 4.5 inches  Innovative Pillow  Memory foam  Polyester 

    Best Travel Pillow of 2019: My Top Picks

    1. Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow- Best on Sleeping at Middle Seats

    As a neck pillow filled with memory foam, the Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow is designed to deliver the right amount of softness and the most comfortable neck support that you can get.

    What makes this travel pillow unique is its built-in memory foam insert that can help you adjust the thickness of the pillow to suit your personal preference. In this way, the thickness of your pillow can be customized based on your sitting position.

    For its cover, the pillow has a high-quality, soft and smooth, machine washable velour cover. The cover has a built-in elastic strap that allows the user to easily attach it to his luggage for a more comfortable travel experience.

    Recommended for:

    Since this is a travel neck pillow, it is suitable for people who are prone to having neck problems. It would also come handy for you if you are placed at the middle seat of the plane.

    If you also lack luggage space, this small travel neck pillow is the best option that you have.


    We know memory foam pillows to be a bit expensive. Well, this travel pillow is most probably one of the most affordable memory foam pillows I have ever seen!


    Even though the travel pillow is sold at an affordable price, the company went all out with it and even, provided a warranty for it. The purchase of this pillow is covered by a 30-day product


    • Elastic strap for attaching the pillow to the luggage (and free up space)
    • Soft and plush velour cover
    • 30-day warranty
    • Supportive and shape-conforming memory foam filling
    • Customizable thickness


    • Low breathability
    • The front ends cannot be tied together

    2. TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow- Great for Side Sleepers

    The only inflatable pillow in this list is the TravelRest Travel Pillow. This air-filled pillow also has the unique shape of all. It features a lengthened comma shape that is large enough to hug your upper body.

    The curved portion of the pillow hugs the back of the seat while the rest of the pillow provides support to the front portion of your upper body and your shoulders. The ergonomic design of this pillow minimizes neck strain and places your body in proper alignment. Since the ends attach to the seat, it keeps your head in place while you sleep.

    Since the pillow is inflatable, you can customize the firmness and thickness of the pillow. You can also easily deflate it and fold to the smallest possible size for easy storage. It also has a strap that easily attached to your luggage.

    There is an optional cover that is sold separately from the pillow. But despite not having its own cover, you will be glad to know that the entire pillow is machine washable.

    Recommended For:

    If you are a side sleeper who is lucky enough to have a window seat, this is one option that you may want to consider. This pillow is also perfect for road trips and train travels. You can also use it at your office.


    We know that inflatable pillows are affordable in general, but since this pillow is larger than standard travel pillows, you can expect this to be a bit more expensive.


    But don’t you worry—the high price of this pillow comes with a few benefits. For one, this comes with a 2-year warranty which is already considered a long time for travel pillows.


    • Lightweight and foldable
    • Machine washable pillow
    • Keeps body secured in its seat
    • Long warranty
    • Great for side sleepers


    • Does not come with a cover
    • A bit difficult to inflate

    3. Trtl Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow – Most Innovative Travel Pillow

    If we are going to prioritize portability, we conclude that this is the most portable pillow of all. It is the most advanced one too.

    The unique patented design of this pillow features an internal support system scientifically engineered to provide amazing neck and head support. The strengthened rib system of the pillow is then covered with a super soft hypoallergenic fleece designed make the pillow feel softer and at the same time, keep the user warm. The addition of cushioning makes the user’s sleep experience a lot more comfortable.

    This pillow is designed to look like a scarf and comes in different colors, making it perfect for stylish users. It is also highly foldable, portable, lightweight and machine washable.

    Recommended For:

    Do you hate bringing bulky neck pillows but are in dire need of neck support? This travel pillow is the best compromise that you can ever get!


    From the advanced and unique design of this travel pillow, you can expect it to be a bit expensive. It is, but for me, it is still reasonably priced!


    The manufacturer did not provide any warranty details about this product, If you want to know the details, contact their customer service representative.


    • Thin, lightweight, portable and foldable
    • Fleece material keeps the body warm
    • Machine washable and hypoallergenic pillow
    • Comes in stylish colors
    • Attaches to the luggage easily


    • Some users find the fleece material to be too warm and itchy
    • Since it is still a new design, many people would find it weird

    Watch this video to know more about this pillow:

    4. Bcozzy Chin Travel Pillow – Best for People with Small Necks and Kids

    Thus us another innovative pillow in the list. This chin travel pillow works like a U-shaped pillow in the sense that it wraps around the neck. But it has a few differences in its design. For one, this pillow is a lot longer and overlaps to provide support to the chin and keeps it in place (hence the term, chin pillow).

    Another difference in the design is the chin travel pillow is a lot thinner than neck pillows. In fact, the back of the pillow is made flat to prevent the head from being pushed forward.

    The type of fill material used for this pillow is not stated, but some users claim that it delivers a soft yet firm cushioning system. The pillow is covered with microfleece that is machine washable and warm.

    Another benefit of its firm material is that it can be folded and customized for multiple wearing styles. Aside from its full support mode (the overlap is at the chin area), you can place the overlapping portions to your side if you are a side sleeper. Lastly, you can fold the pillow in half and place it to your side for more elevated support.

    Recommended For:

    Since this is considered to be thinner than neck pillows, this pillow is recommended for children or adults with small necks.


    The price of this pillow is a bit higher than the prices of most neck pillows, but I personally believe it is worth the extra few dollars.


    Again, no warranty details are available for this product so you should talk to their customer service representatives about it.


    • Can be worn three ways
    • Available in different kids’ sizes.
    • Pastel color options are available
    • Has a snap strap for easy attachment to a backpack or luggage
    • Booster side cushions to keep the head in place


    • A bit small and thin for most people
    • Can be a bit warm

    5. J-Pillow Travel Pillow – Best for Sleeping on Window Seats

    This is considered to be an innovative pillow because of its J-shape design which the company claims can provide the most extensive support. Placed at the side of the head, this pillow can provide support to the neck, chin, front part and back part of the head—the extent of support that you can’t get from any other pillow in the market.

    The shape of this pillow is developed to prevent your head from falling forward and at the same time, maintain a perfectly balanced and elevated head position while you sleep.

    The pillow is filled with the standard memory foam filling which supports and conforms to the shape of your body. Many experts refer to the filling of this travel pillow as a 3D polyester fiber filling that is not easily broken down even after plenty of uses.

    Another selling point of this travel pillow is its soft polyester cover with a fuzzy texture. This cover can be either hand or machine washed.

    Just like most pillows, it has a snap-loop fastener so you can fasten it to your bag. But in addition, it also comes with its own carry bag.

    Recommended For:

    If you have a window seat, this pillow will allow you to lay on the window area for a nice sleep comfortably.


    This is one of the most expensive products in this list but I say, it is worth splurging for. After all, its design combines the function of both the neck and chin travel pillow.


    This is another product that has no warranty details. Contact the company to get more information about it.


    • Comes with a carry bag
    • Unique design provides support for the chin, neck, and head
    • Lightweight
    • Machine washable
    • Hugs the head perfectly


    • Does not come with a cover
    • A bit difficult to inflate

    For more information about this pillow, watch this review:

    The Most Comprehensive Travel Pillow Buying Guide You Can Read

    There are thousands of travel pillows in the market. Each has a unique shape, fill material, purpose, and features. Which one should you get? Let this buying guide help you out!

    The Different Travel Pillow Shapes You Should Be Familiar With

    Let us begin this guide by tackling the most critical yet confusing aspect of all—the travel pillow type. The pillow travel type mainly depends on its shape. Without further ado, here they are:

    Neck Pillow

    More commonly referred to as U-shaped pillows, this pillow is perfect for people who are prone to experiencing neck aches after sleeping.

    Neck pillows come in two types—flat-backed and round-backed. The flat-backed option provides amazing form-fitting support for people with short necks. On the other hand, round-backed options are more comfortable for people with long necks, but some people say it tends to push your head forward.


    This type of travel pillow is designed to provide the ultimate resting experience for long haul traveling. Aside from supporting your neck and head, this pillow also places your body in proper alignment while you sleep.

    Since full body travel pillows can be such a nuisance due to its size, it is best that you go for an inflatable one if you like to experience the comfort that this pillow provides.

    Standard Pillow

    We are referring to the rectangular- or square- shaped travel pillows. These look like the pillows we use at home but are smaller in size.

    Standard travel pillows are perfect for people who are prone to back pain as it can help reposition the body for proper lumbar, back and leg support.


    You can now find travel pillows that look like scarves. Just like the neck pillow, these types are designed to increase chin and neck support, but it is a lot portable and stylish.

    Common Fill Materials Used for Manufacturing Travel Pillows

    The next item that we should figure out is the fill material inside the travel pillow. In this category, you have three options. These are as follows:

    Memory Foam

    High-density memory foam is known to deliver the most consistent and firmest support among all fill materials used for travel pillows. In addition to that, this material is also widely recognized for its shape-conforming properties.

    Memory foam

    Memory foam

    However, many people claim that it is a bit bulky. To remedy this, it is best that you go for memory foam pillows that are compressible so you can fit it in your luggage. Another downside of this material is that it is quite expensive.

    Air (Inflatable)

    Most travelers prefer this type of fill material simply because it is the most portable, lightweight, and convenient pillow to use. One good thing about inflatable travel pillows is that you can inflate it to achieve your desired level of firmness. Another benefit is that you can easily deflate and fold it to the smallest size possible.

    However, it is essential to make sure that its valves are appropriately sealed to prevent air from leaking. If not, you will not get the support that you need or worst; you may wake up with a deflated pillow on your neck.


    Microbeads are small polystyrene beads that are commonly used as pillow fillings. Experts claim that these beads change shape to accommodate the needs of the user.

    Sadly though, their shape-changing ability also prevents it from being firm enough to give support to the neck or head. It is also a bit uncomfortable since the beads tend to push to the parts of the pillow that are not pressurized.

    The only good point of this fill material is its affordability.

    More Things to Consider When Choosing a Travel Pillow

    But wait, there’s more! If you think that the pillow fill material and shape of the pillow are the only considerations that you should consider, think again. If you wish to use the best travel pillow for your needs, you should not forget to consider the following factors:

    Outer Fabric

    Besides, to fill material, you have to put into consideration the outer fabric of the pillow too. After all, this is the material that will come into direct contact with your skin. With that in mind, below are some of the most commonly used outer fabrics for travel pillows:

    • Velour

    This is the incredibly soft and stretchy fabric used in creating bathrobes, tracksuits and other comfortable clothes but you can also see many travel pillows that have this as their outer fabric.

    • Velvet

    Velour and velvet look the same. The only difference is that the latter looks shinier. It is also not as stretchy as velour.

    • Fleece

    This is the fabric of choice for cold weather trips.

    • Cotton

    The breathability of this material makes it perfect for warm weather travels.

    A good travel pillow outer fabric is one that is soft and highly breathable. Moreover, it should also be free of allergen to prevent possible allergies.

    Sleeping Position

    How do you sleep while traveling? This is one question you need to answer if you want to find the best travel pillow type.

    Do you prefer resting your head on the back headrest of your seat? If yes, then the neck pillow or the innovative travel pillows are your best options.

    If you like resting or slumping your back on the seat, then you may want to consider the standard travel pillow.

    If you like to keep your body in proper alignment during your trip, then go for the body pillow.

    Flight/ Travel Duration

    Are you going to have a long or short travel time? If you are going on a long trip, a full-body pillow is recommended so you would feel comfortable during the trip. But this is only a good idea if you have lots of luggage space. If not, then you should settle for a portable and lightweight pillow.

    Are you going to have a long or short travel time

    Are you going to have a long or short travel time

    If the flight is shorter, you would need less luggage so you may have more room for bulky and non-inflated travel pillows.


    The main reason why you would buy a travel pillow is to get the support that you need, so it totally makes sense that you put this into great consideration, right?

    When choosing a pillow, it is crucial that you determine what areas of your body need support the most.

    If you usually experience neck aches, then a neck or chin pillow is recommended for you.

    If you usually suffer from back pains, then go for a standard travel pillow.

    For people who want to prevent body aches, keep your body in proper alignment with the help of a full body pillow.


    Generally, travel pillows are affordable. But with the innovations and advanced features that most travel pillows have nowadays, the price range of travel pillows have become quite extensive.

    You can find travel neck pillows that are sold at a price range of 5 to 15 USD while full body pillows and innovative pillows are available at a price range of 15 to 30 USD.

    It is best that you establish your budget first, especially if you do not have money to splurge, so you can know what price range would fit your budget.


    No, we are not talking about the size of the pillow. We are talking about the size of your body part. If you plan to use a neck pillow, you have to make sure that it fits your neck correctly—it shouldn’t be too tall or short.

    This goes the same with a full body pillow. The pillow must be large enough to accommodate your entire body.


    The washability feature of a travel pillow will depend on the type of outer fabric that it has.

    In general, inflatable pillows are covered with outer fabric that is washable. However, it can quickly lose its shine and luster.

    On the other hand, memory foam pillows usually come with a washable pillow cover while its inner material can be wiped down using either a wet sponge or cloth. When choosing memory foam pillows, you should make sure that its cover is removable for easy washing.

    This video will teach you the tricks on how to clean your travel pillow:

    Ergonomics/ Comfort

    Another important feature of a travel pillow is its comfort. It is advised that you first test out the pillows to determine how comfortable they can get.

    Compact and Portability

    For your travel convenience, the pillow that you should choose must be lightweight and compact so you can easily transport it from one place to the other.

    Among all the pillow types, inflatable pillows rank first in this criterion. The second most portable pillow type is memory foam, especially if the pillow you choose has compressibility features.

    The least portable and hardest pillow type to carry is the microbead travel pillow as it cannot be folded.


    Of course, you would want to make the most out of your investment, right? That is why you should make sure that the pillow you will buy is highly durable.

    Oftentimes, the biggest issue would be the stitching at the sides of the pillow, so you need to take a closer look at it when buying pillows.

    When it comes to pillow types, the least durable type is the microbead as the beads tend to unevenly disperse through the pillow, creating unwanted bumps and lumps.


    The most common add-on for the purchase of travel pillow is a carry bag that allows you to keep your pillow in a more organized manner. Some bags have a zippered pocket where you can place your phones.



    Also, you can also find some travel pillows that come with a few extras such as a pair of earplugs and sleeping mask.

    Best Travel Pillow FAQ’s

    Now that we are done with our buying guide, here are the answers to some of the questions that you may still have:

    Why is my neck pillow causing me neck pain?

    If you are experiencing neck pain, it means that you are using the wrong travel pillow. The pillow that you are using is either low quality or too tall or low for your neck.

    Are travel pillows recommended to be used by kids?

    Travel can be difficult for kids so you need to make sure that your kids will have fun while traveling. So yes, of course. Kids need proper neck support more than adults do. Since their muscles are a lot less strong than us, any strain or pressure to their neck muscles has a high tendency of resulting in an injury.

    However, you should pay extra attention when it comes to choosing a travel pillow for your kids. Lucky for you, there are travel pillows in the market that are specially designed for their needs.

    Should you consider your seating position when choosing a travel pillow type?

    Yes, actually. In general, you will be sleeping in an upright sitting position, but it may vary depending on your assigned seat.

    If you are sitting next to a window, you have the option to rest on your side. Because of this, you are given the opportunity to use a body pillow.

    If you are on a middle seat, you have limited movements. What you need is to provide extra support to your neck. This is precisely what the U-shaped pillow can provide you with. You would also benefit from the back support that the standard travel pillow can give you.

    Final Verdict: What’s the Best Travel Pillow?

    Wow! It seems like the travel pillow industry is leveling up their game. The list contains some of the most advanced and creatively designed travel pillows in the market!

    But of course, there is only one best travel pillow. So, which is it? For me, it is no other than the J-Pillow Travel Pillow because it provides the most extensive support without taking up too much space in the luggage!

  • Review of 10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2019

    Chicago is a world-class city with some of the best restaurants in the world. The culinary scene is varied with eateries offering all sorts of dishes to cater to different palates and reflects the cultural diversity and dynamism of the city. This is a review of 10 best Chicago restaurants 2018.

    Much like its great history, iconic architecture and skyline and sports pedigree, the restaurants of Chicago offer a great dining experience.

    From Korean delicacies to American contemporary cuisine, these restaurants represent the best of what the Chicago culinary scene has to offer. There is a place for everyone, the tourist, the foody and the business traveler; just as you need a good hotel to sleep in while traveling, you need to eat well.

    1. Bellemore

    Review of 10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

    Review of 10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

    Bellemore in West Loop, 564 W Randolph St is a collaboration of the owners Boka Group and award-winning and renowned chef Jimmy Papadopoulos. Get a taste of luxe dining by ordering the luxe oyster pie topped with a layer of caviar, made famous on Instagram as well as the swankiness of the space and great cocktails.

    It has a six-course tasting menu for the foodies and those want to know more about what they are eating.

    The chef proves his versatility here, whereas he is best known for Eastern European cooking and flavors; you can order such dishes as a savory oyster custard flirts with Osetra caviar, dill in oyster pie, earthy grilled mushrooms with pumpernickel and lime served with venison tartare, and more.

    2. Big Star

    The Big Star has opened a new location at Wrigleyville in addition to the branch in Wicker Park. Since the new location is across from the famous Wrigley Field, it is the perfect spot for the Chicago Cubs fans and every sports enthusiast. It is the ultimate sports restaurant for delicacies to feast on before, during and after a game at the stadium.

    Enjoy the new addition to the menu- hot chips, freshly fried and coated with salsa. It is more spacious, with a huge patio for those who want to sit outside.

    3. Entente

    Fine dining in Lakeview!

    Entente in Lakeview is a place for fine dining with a friendly minimalistic décor; for one who is new to fine dining, this is the place to come because it is approachable and easygoing to make you comfortable and help you enjoy the new experience.

    The dishes here are the work of Chef Brian Fisher, applying his inventive approach to cooking. Order from the curated menu a variety of appetizers and entrées, cocktails and wines. Try the popular offers such as the wedge salad (lettuce stuffed with creamy green-goddess dressing and topped with bacon, tomato puree and Cambozola cheese) and Carolina Gold – a dish of a duck egg, shaved truffles, pea tendrils and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

    4. Etta

    10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

    10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

    Etta in Wicker Park along 1840 W North Ave is the restaurant for everyone, from kids to adults to groups who want to feast on good food. Enjoy the wood fire cooked plates of pasta and pizzas, a variety of vegetables and meats like pork shoulder. To accompany your food, you can sip on the great wine and awesome cocktails on offer.

    Pick a booth or one of the tables inside if you are in a group and sit comfortably as you catch up or if you are winding down after a long day’s work. This is the perfect restaurant for a weeknight meal.

    Read more: Review of 10 Best Hotels in Chicago 2018

    5. Ina Mae Tavern & Packaged Goods

    Ina Mae Tavern & Packaged Goods is another Wicker Park restaurant on 1415 N Wood St specializing in authentic New Orleans-style dishes. You do not have to dress up to eat here- don your casuals and dip your fingers into the delicious half-pound servings of chargrilled oysters, po’boys and other seafoods like crawfish and shrimp.

    Enjoy the sumptuous New Orleans inspired food, the fun of the place as well as the great snacks and drinks.

    6. Lula Café

    This is your location for the best Saturday and Sunday brunches and has been open since 1999.

    The Lula Café in Loga Square is the place for fresh locally sourced ingredients. It is the ultimate farm-to-table location which allows the diner to immerse himself or herself in the freshness and rapturous flavors of fresh produce.

    Because of the restaurant’s approach, the North Side eatery’s menu changes depending on the produce available with every changing season. It is the go-to destination for weekend brunch and you will understand why with such pleasures as The Royale breakfast sandwich on the menu.

    If you want to mark a special occasion or want to wind down time as a family on the weekends, Lula café has the best brunch menu with feasts like coconut brioche French toast topped with banana pastry cream and kaffir lime.

    7. Oriole

    The Oriole is another great restaurant in the West Loop area of Chicago.

    Indulge in their clever menu with inviting and tasty bites that will have you wishing for more. With only 28 seats, you may want to book a reservation to be assured of a seat at this on-demand eatery. Enjoy the flavor of dishes like Beausoleil oyster with Iberico consomme and finger lime or capellini with Burgundy truffle.

    The owner-chefs are always working on the always-evolving menu to keep diners wanting more and to create a great dining experience. It is not by luck that they were awarded 2 Michelin stars.

    8. Pacific Standard Time

    California flavors in Chicago!

    Have a taste of California flavors at the Pacific Standard Time in River North, on 141 W Erie St. This is a venture of Underscore Hospitality and One Off Hospitality offering California inspired cooking from the salads to the woof fire pizzas.

    Try the specially made pizzas and great tasting main courses of fresh and seasonal dishes. You will find on the menu treats like ramp and ham pizza, wood roasted baby carrots with onion-tahini puree or Harry’s berries strawberries with yogurt.

    9. Passerotto

    Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

    Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

    Passerotto may sound Italian but it is a great Korean restaurant in Andersonville, 5420 N Clark St. It is nicely decorated and offers native Korean food as well as unique dishes blended from Italian and Korean delicacies. The menu features plates such as fish, noodles, banchan, kimchi pajeon pancake.

    It is owned by Chef Jennifer Kim who was previously in the kitchens of Blackbird, Nico Osteria and Snaggletooth. Eat everything delicious and fresh with the expertise of a seasoned chef.

    10. Roister

    This restaurant in the West Loop is brought to you by the culinary hands behind Alinea- the three-Michelin-starred eatery, also of Chicago.

    This is the place to eat if you want to experience contemporary American cooking while in the windy city. The restaurant is sleekly decorated with great music. Get your taste buds active by ordering dishes such charred daikon and scallop crudo with mustard cooked right before you.

    Dress casually, enjoy the loud music without the rigors of a traditional fine dining outing. Make sure you try the signature whole chicken dish and delicious accompaniments like Yukon fries and cheddar rillettes.

    The bottom line…

    These are our recommendations of some of the best restaurants Chicago has to offer to its visitors as well as residents who have not had a chance to visit them.

    This review of 10 best Chicago restaurants 2018 offers a broad choice of top restaurants in different locations, serving a variety of great dishes and dining experiences.

    As you enjoy the hospitality of your hotel, learn more about Chicago by sampling the foods and restaurants. Enjoy the great delicacies and flavors served by these restaurants.

  • How to Have Good Sleep While Traveling

    Sleep is important, but more so when you are traveling across different time zones or geographical locations when you need sufficient physical and mental rest. You don’t want to yawn all day long or experience restless sleep; this is why it is important, especially if you are a frequent traveler, to learn how to have good sleep while traveling.

    Sleep is crucial when you are on a long-distance trip or when you have a rigorous schedule at your destination. You can still get sufficient even without the mattress and pillow you are used to. 😊

    6 things you need to do before the trip for good sleep

    1. Adjust your sleep

    How to Have Good Sleep While Traveling

    How to Have Good Sleep While Traveling

    It is important to modify your sleeping habits a few days before the trip. This will be in readiness for the impact of the new time zone.

    Changing habits like bedtime to that of the intended new locality will help in adjusting your eating habits, making it easy for you to deal with time change once you arrive at your destination.

    2. Hydrate your body

    Ensure that you have a high liquid consumption for about 2 days before you travel.

    We advise that you carry your own water bottle instead of relying on the one provided by the airline. It may not be enough to hydrate your body owing to the high altitudes and air purification.

    3. Dress appropriately

    For longer flights, a comfortable outfit like just a simple Sweatpant, T shirt and a hoodie is just enough. Comfortable shoes also add to your comfort to enable you to get some sleep during the trip.

    Keeping up with fashion and trends may see you dress in uncomfortable outfits and will make your trip a horrible one. Sleeping during such a trip will be next to impossible.

    4. Be keen on the food you eat

    Eat light meals that are easily digestible. A snack is preferred. You won’t feel so tired because it requires less energy to digest and your body will be ready for sleep in the shortest time.

    5. Don’t go for red-eye flights

    Red-eye flights are known to disrupt sleep. Dealing with baggage claim, hotel transfer and allocation is just enough to rob you sleep off your eyes.

    6. Pack staffs that make you comfortable and relaxed

    What about carrying your favorite pillow or pillowcase and a throw blanket? This will make you feel at home and relaxed.

    6 things you need to consider during the trip for good sleep

    1. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks

    You may be tempted to take a few glasses of alcohol before bed. Avoid this as much as possible. They may change your sleeping routines. The result will be a worn out person in the morning.

    To deal with your worn out self, a cup of coffee will be the first thing to come to your mind. Just make sure you do not indulge in such in the afternoon. Otherwise, you will find it hard sleeping at night.

    2. Deal with inconvenient light

    Good Sleep While Traveling

    Good Sleep While Traveling

    Unwanted light is one of the biggest menace for travelers. Try as much as you can to completely shut the curtains before shutting your eyes. You sure do not want the annoying sun rays to wake you in the morning.

    You can also use a light-eliminating mask to keep off any light from disturbing your nap on the plane.

    3. Block out unwanted noise

    Strange noises is a common feature in hotels and resorts. This ranges from shutting doors from the nearest rooms, noise from the elevators and other travelers. To deal with this you can:

    • Use earplugs before retiring to bed.
    • Booking rooms far from the elevators.
    • Download ambient noise app on your smartphone.
    • Put the ‘’do not disturb’’ notice outside your hotel door.

    4. Set the appropriate temperature for sleep

    Adjust the thermostat to your preferred sleeping temperature. This you must do as soon as you get into the room or an hour before bedtime. We recommend the temperature ranging from 68-72 degrees centigrade.

    5. Pick out the preferred pillow

    It is so irritating and uncomfortable when you have to sleep the whole night on an uncomfortable pillow. Just take a few minutes before sleep to try out the unfamiliar pillows in different positions.

    If you carried your own pillow from home, it comes in handy at this point. It will not only give you the comfort you need but it will also make you feel at home.

    Turn your pillow the opposite way instead of the normal U-shape around your neck. This will reduce neck pain while on the plane and you will enjoy your sleep whenever you want.

    6. Reduce jet lag

    Sleep during trip

    Sleep during trip

    Jet lag signs are more pronounced when traveling towards the east. We advise you to avoid light between midnight and 6am when your destination has a time zone of three hours difference. Also, be in light between 8 o’clock in the morning and 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

    Increase the duration you avoid and seek light as the time zones increases.

    7. Choose an appropriate seat

    A seat near the window is the best bet if you want to snooze in the air. It allows you to lean up against the plane.

    The only shortcoming of this seat is that it doesn’t really favor those over 5’10’’ since the space for the leg will be limited.

    8. Lean back while on the plane

    Do not forget you paid money for the seat. Don’t feel shy. Just recline that baby back and enjoy your sleep.

    9. Keep essentials on-hand while in the plane

    According to Breus, make sure that you have an eye mask, ear plugs, a meditation and relaxation audio tape. This will help you keep off unnecessary distractions and you will in return enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

    10. Remember to turn off your monitor

    Blue light is known to extend the time one takes to fall asleep. Power off your screen to avoid exposure to this light.

    11. Do some yoga in the hotel room

    If you simply cannot relax in the hotel room, we suggest you do some yoga and light stretching. This will increase the pumping rate of blood and in return relax your body and brain.


    Traveling should be exciting as possible. New places, new foods and new friends just add up to the wonderful experience when traveling.

    Sleep can give you trouble and cut short the wonderful travel experience. Remember, you are leaving the comfort of your cozy bedroom at home. It is just unfortunate that you cannot carry your bedroom onto the plane, but you can actually make your hotel room more comfortable for sleep using the tips we have discussed.

    It can be so discouraging if you land at your destination only to realize that you are too tired to carry out the activities you intended to do. Talk less of enjoying beautiful things the new town has to offer. That is something we do not want you to experience.

    Your preparations on how to have good sleep while traveling should start a few days prior to the D day and continue during the actual trip. Just choose what is appropriate for you and enjoy your trip.

  • How to Remove Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

    The very last thing that any hotelier or restaurant owner wants to get info about is a negative mention in the public domain, why? There are many things that can attract negative publicity and the worst one for a hotel is the presence of bed bugs in the rooms. As a result, the burning question with many hotel owners is how to remove bed bugs in hotel rooms.

    Having to get rid of these bothersome insects will need you to set aside some cash for the purchase of insecticides even though some may find it hard to set aside a given amount due to the escalation of input costs.

    However, setting aside some money for dealing with these bugs in your budget is a necessary and good decision which saves more in the long run. It saves an establishment from the loss of a good reputation and loss of business.

    The first measure you ought to embrace is maintaining and ensuring cleanliness in your premise. Keeping your place clean and tidy prevents an invasion of bed bugs. Additionally, cleaning your premises prevents the growth of bacteria and eliminates anything that may attract pests and insects.

    Bed bug

    Bed bug

    Secondly, you ought to have informed employees. Well, what you should do is train your employees to be aware of and keep an eye for any signs of pests and insects.

    Bed bugs are the top pests in hotels and restaurants and sometimes it is virtually next to impossible to spot them.

    So, what are the signs of bedbug infestation?

    • Bed bug bites

    Bites emanating with these insects tend to occur in a line on exposed skin, specifically on the face, arms, legs, as well as the neck.

    It is quite comical to say this; the bites come in three stages or rather intervals which are famously termed as breakfast, lunch, and supper

    • Guests complain

    The most reliable way to identify and verify the truth of the matter is through customer feedback.

    Staff feedback: The other way to unearth bed bugs is through your staff members. They may manifest bites.

    • Bedbug droppings

    You may confirm presence of these bugs from their excretion which is naturally black.

    The easiest places to find the bedbug waste is on pillows and mattresses and they should be inspected regularly.

    • Live bed bugs

    Getting live bed bugs is the indisputable way of confirming their presence. Adult bed bugs measure 4 to 5 mm in length while the eggs are 1mm and white in color. The young ones are 1.5 mm long and are straw colored after they hatch

    • Shed skins

    Small or juvenile bed bugs shed their skins at each stage of their metamorphosis, therefore, if you find some shed bed bugs skins start to act.

    • A sickly aroma/scent

    Bedbugs smell; when you smell a sickly, sweet aroma then you know that there is an infestation.

    Do you want to remove your unwelcomed visitors? Well, below are some of the best ways to remove bed bugs in hotel rooms:

    1. Vacuum Cleaning

    Get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to draw noticeable bed bugs and slurp fine particles that are allergenic. After trapping them, carefully dispose of the dirt to prevent bed bugs from escaping.

    2. Exclusion

    Shed skins

    Shed skins

    Carefully seal holes, spaces, and cracks that could probably allow them in. Ensure pillows and mattresses are covered in cases that are well made.

    For infected items, make sure you store them in a plastic seal and separate them from other items.

    3. Heat Treatment

    For bed bugs, high temperature is not only uncomfortable but also lethal, which means, they are easily killed on exposure to hot temperatures.

    Similarly, they can barely survive in extreme cold temperatures. Their bodies are rendered inactive and deform at low temperatures of around -13 degrees Celsius.

    What you should use in this instance is definitely a hair dryer. This can be used to direct heat into tiny openings and works effectively in all cases.

    Whole-room heating is probably the best of all. This ensures the elimination of the bugs everywhere including the bedding, cracks, carpets, crevices as well as in furniture.

    4. Insecticide/Pesticides

    This is the most used bedbug elimination technique. Get yourself the right insecticide from a shop and carefully spray it in/on the right places. Do not discriminate any parts, this way you will fully eliminate them.

    What can hotel guests do to spot bed bugs

    Guests who book into hotels should also protect themselves from bed bugs and help with their elimination by doing the following:

    Inspect the room first. Do not unpack; set your luggage in a bath tub or clean rack as you look around the room. Do not put your luggage on the floor until you are done with room inspection.

    Get a flashlight look at the blankets and sheets by checking the dark corners where bed bugs hide.

    Examine the mattress. Pull back all of the bed covers from the corner until the mattress is exposed. Closely check the folds and seams of the mattress for signs of bed bugs. A credit card is a great tool to help you get underneath the folds of the mattress where the bugs hide.

    Inspect sheets surfaces looking for small brown spots, dried blood, or live bugs scurrying or lying about.

    Examine any upholstered furniture in the room for signs of bed bugs which hide in dark places and crack or the seams and folds of furniture.

    Bed bugs will hide in the curtains as well- check the folds and seams of the curtain especially the part closer to the floor.

    Report any bed bugs sighting immediately.


    These insights and tips are the way to how to remove bed bugs from hotel rooms. Of course, prevention is better than waiting to cure the problem.

  • Review of 10 Best Hotels in Chicago 2019

    Chicago is a world-class city with some of the best hotels and restaurants anywhere. Here are our recommendations and review of 10 best hotels in Chicago 2018 for those on business, families or the fun seeking hipster.

    ACME Hotel Company Chicago

    The ACME Hotel Company Chicago is located in the trendy River North district. It a hip establishment with retro design.

    Drink the craft cocktails from the bar, eat gourmet sandwiches, and get free coffee every day. The rooms have hardwood floors and hygienic Egyptian cotton sheets. Amenities in the room include Smart TV and high-speed Wi-Fi. You can even loan an Apple watch!

    There is a fitness center for guests to sweat out the stress and keep fit, a business center, guest parking and great customer service.

    Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

    Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

    Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

    The Four Seasons Hotel Chicago has some of the best views of Chicago. The lake view rooms offer you a direct view of Lake Michigan and take in the city skyline in the city-view rooms with an unbeatable view of the beautifully lit Midwest skyline.

    The service is great with the expected Four Seasons luxury accommodation standards. It is centrally located and is close to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and easy access to restaurants and shops.

    The rooms are elegantly decorated for accommodation and comfort, with spacious marble bathrooms. Enjoy the contemporary room amenities like flat-screen TVs and iHome stereos to make your stay better.

    The Guesthouse Hotel Chicago

    The Guesthouse Hotel is located in Andersonville, offering one, two, and three-bedroom suites. It is a great place for families to book into because it is designed to give a unique homely feel. Children are offered board games, bath toys, and DVD entertainment at no extra cost to keep them busy and having fun, while dogs are free to accommodate.

    Every suite has a washing machine and dryer and the deluxe suites have a fireplace. If you are not eating out, you can cook in from your kitchen. Enjoy the privacy of your balcony and go to the rooftop for craft beers and a beautiful skyline view during warm weather.

    Kimpton Gray Hotel Chicago

    The Kimpton Gray Hotel Chicago is an extension of the luxury that the Kimpton brand is known for. It is in the historic 1894 former New York Life Insurance building, in the heart of Chicago downtown.

    The hotel gets its name from the bright dominant gray marble of the interior which forms twin staircases to the entrance. Rooms have a sophisticated interior design with modern shades for great comfort. You will have great views of the Loop.

    Drink at the The Kimpton Gray’s lobby bar or dine at the rooftop Boleo bar and lounge, with its retractable roof. You can get a free bicycle or join a group runs for exercise.

    The Peninsula Chicago

    The Peninsula is on prime Chicago’s coveted Magnificent Mile area and combines Chicago’s Midwest charm and the flair of Hong Kong. The rooms are designed for total comfort away from home, with cream colored walls and plush furniture.

    Enjoy additional amenities like a bedside remote command station to controls lights, temperatures and TV. The Peninsula Spa get is the place for massages and relaxing treatments, no wonder it has received rave health and leisure reviews. Try out the Hong Kong inspired dishes served in the hotel’s Shanghai Terrace restaurant.

    The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago

    The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago, is considered a top luxury hotel for families. The rooms are painted with shades of cream, blue and gray for calmness, relaxation and to help you sleep faster. Try the dishes served at the Torali restaurant.

    Amenities in the rooms include flat-screen TVs, marble tiled bathrooms, and top bedding. Children will get complimentary toiletries and select spa treatments. Take a dip in the hotel swimming pool, workout in the 24-hour fitness center or opt for Pilates and yoga.

    The Robey Chicago

    The Robey is another hipster haunt with its striking art deco wedge-shaped building, designed in 1929, with a clear skyline view for miles.

    This vintage edifice has kept some of the original office building such as etched art deco lifts and the preserved first-floor office directory. Enjoy the softness of the newly renovated rooms with soft colors and warm natural wood paneling.

    Soho House Chicago

    Soho House Chicago

    Soho House Chicago

    Soho House Chicago in the West Loop, is a hotel cum private club that does not feel like a hotel. It is another piece of architectural history dating back to 1907.

    It feels like a city apartment building. It has exposed bricks, wood floors complimented with elegant glittering chandeliers and velvet chairs. Enjoy a cinema, heated rooftop pool, a spa, gym, and boxing ring.

    Thompson Chicago

    This hotel is located in the Near North Side area, with close proximity to many city attractions and restaurants. The Thomson Chicago is all about casual luxury with a large fireplace, bookshelves, and upholstered seats to give it a home library feel. It is home away from home.

    The rooms at the Thomson Chicago are sophisticatedly designed with floor-to-ceiling windows to offer great views and natural light. You will have an unrivalled view of Lake Michigan and Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Eat great Italian seafood dishes and fine dine at the restaurant-Nico Osteria.

    Waldorf Astoria Chicago

    The fashionable Waldorf Aston is located in the Gold Coast neighborhood. It boasts great design and elegance. All the rooms in the hotel have tubs and fireplaces. It is close to the Magnificent Mile and Lake Michigan, which you can get a view of from some rooms.

    Bernard’s Bar & Restaurant offers fine dining and you can enjoy the cooking of the hotel French restaurant and patisserie. Get a massage at the Waldorf Astoria Spa and swim in the health club pool.

    The complimentary Mercedes Benz chauffeur service will move you around the city and if you have membership to the Hilton Honors rewards program you will accumulate and redeem points.


    These are our recommendations and review of 10 best hotels in Chicago 2018. Whether you are visiting Chicago for business or vacation, these ten hotels have what it takes to make your stay very comfortable.

    Whether you are traveling with children, are looking to get the best out of Chicago nightlife, want to sample the best restaurants or simply want to mix business and leisure, you will get the hotel to meet your needs.

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  • 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 3

    You are now on the last day of your three days in Chicago. By now you should have covered pretty much most of the popular attractions and any other place you have wanted to go to in the city. 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 3 should be an easy day as you prepare to leave today or tomorrow.

    This is the day you want to go shopping to pick up a few mementos and souvenirs to remember your visit by. Even if you want to do more sightseeing, you want it to be relaxed; visit a park or the pier then go back to your hotel and pack up for your journey out of Chicago.

    Chicago has so much to see and experience that you cannot possibly exhaust them in three days. Since this is your last day, we do not want to recommend a demanding itinerary that will sap you of energy to take you through your journey back- a light but memorable schedule is the way to go.

    Here are some great places you want to store for the last day:

    Take a walk down the Magnificent Mile

    the Magnificent Mile

    the Magnificent Mile

    The Magnificent Mile is the shopping street of Chicago and is right in the heart of Chicago’s business district. This is where you will get all the high-end stores and brands. You do not have to shop to visit the Magnificent Mile, you can go and explore the architecture and landmarks found on that street including some of the tallest buildings.

    Apart from the boutiques and stores, there are some great restaurants serving very good dishes on this street- walk into one and order a goodbye lunch as you wind up your trip. With over 400 stores, 250 restaurants, and about 70 hotels, there is so much to see and experience. You may take a capture a piece of history by taking a picture at one of the few buildings that survived the Great Chicago fire of 1871, the Historic Water Tower.

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    Explore Wicker Park

    The Wicker Park is to the North of downtown Chicago and is another destination worth exploring because of the boutiques and vintage shops. Take a tour of this trendy Chicago neighborhood and take a break to eat at one of the restaurants and cafes.

    This is your opportunity to explore one of US’s most affluent neighborhoods and have a look at the high-end boutiques and designer shops as well as the historic homes. Wicker Park is best explored on foot for a wholesome experience.

    Hyde Park

    Go to Hyde Park if you want a local experience away from the crowds. Since it is close to the Museum of Science and Industry, if you have not visited it yet, this is your chance to experience the displays in this museum which you will not find anywhere else. You can also take a walk through the Jackson Park.

    Hyde Park was the location of the Chicago World Fair also referred to as the Columbian Exposition in 1893, a huge moment in history because it is the event where electricity was introduced to the US and The Hyde Park is still historically significant and neighbor two important cultural and educational institutions in The University of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry.

    The home of the immediate former President Barack Obama is close by and the nearby DuSable Museum of African American History is the largest institution, of its kind, curating African American history in the United States.

    If you are an architectural enthusiast, you will find in Hyde Park, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, considered one of the most iconic masterpieces in American architectural design.

    John Hancock 360 view of Chicago

    How about a 360 view of Chicago before you say goodbye. The iconic John Hancock Tower on Michigan Avenue, one of the tallest buildings in Chicago has an observation deck offering a 360 view of the city from the 94th floor- an unrivaled view bird’s eye view of the city.

    You will have a view of the iconic Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan to die for. You can virtually spot any place you want from here.

    Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

    Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

    Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

    If you came to Chicago with children, this is probably where you want them to visit last. The Navy Pier centennial wheel is one of the oldest and iconic landmarks of this city. The Navy Pier is Chicago’s most visited attraction and it has many things to explore including restaurants and of course the waterfront. It is even better because you do not have to pay a fee, it is free.

    There are a variety of things in this location including the Children’s Museum, a concert venue where you can enjoy live music if there is a performance and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

    However, the crown jewel is the iconic Ferris wheel which can be seen from all over the city; a new Centennial Ferris Wheel was added to mark 100 years of the Navy Pier.

    These are our recommendations for day three of your visit to Chicago. These attractions and places should be a great way to cap your visit for your 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 3.

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  • 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 2

    With so many attractions to see, you will want to cover more ground on day two of tour visit. This is the day when you want to really understand the city and its people. For 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 2, we recommend visiting places that are most frequented and loved by locals to make the most out of day two.

    Day two gives you the opportunity to visit the bulk of the attractions and place which will give you a real glimpse of Chicago.

    Chicago Theater District

    The theatre district is a good area to visit for both lovers of theatre and for anyone who wants to better understand the history of the arts and theatre in Chicago.

    The Chicago theatre district has the biggest collection of public art. View the various Picasso sculptures scattered in the theatre district like the Monument with Standing Beast.

    Tour the iconic Chicago Theatre, which has hosted some of the greatest theatre performances by top actors and actresses, and is a highly regarded historic US theater. For history and culture enthusiasts, this is an important attraction to visit.

    The Chicago theatre stage has hosted such celebrated artists as Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. You will also find a photo exhibit and celebrity autographs on the wall.

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    Lincoln Park

    Lincoln Park

    Lincoln Park

    The Lincoln Park is home to baseball fields, miniature golf, a driving range, farmers market, park conservatory, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

    Walk through the park to enjoy the scenery and for relaxation before you walk into the zoo. This is one of the oldest zoos in the country and is free for admission.

    Wrigley Field

    Chicago is a big sports city and this is the heart of Chicago baseball. You can watch a game and experience the atmosphere of the quintessential American sport if you are lucky enough to catch a Chicago Cubs game.

    There is still a lot to see at Wrigley without a game on; tour the ground and stadium exhibits for a history of the team as well as a tour of the 1914 ballpark which is the second-oldest after Boston’s Fenway Park. Do not leave without eating a Chicago hot dog.

    Rent a bike and tour

    Renting a bicycle and riding around the city is a great way of touring Chicago. Get on a bike and cycle around the Navy Pier and the waterfront. Cycle the trails, paths, and parks as you explore the city.

    Go to the beach on Lake Michigan

    Go to the beach on Lake Michigan The beach on Lake Michigan is a great option for relaxation and basking in the sun on day two. Take a walk to the lake and take an afternoon dip. The great thing about the lake is that it is only a short distance away from the heart of the city.

    If you’re not into swimming, a stroll at the long and magnificent shore of the beach can help keep you relaxed and put your mind off things. But if you do not like the sandy and wet feeling on your feet, do not forget to take waterproof walking shoes with you!

    Visit the Mexican Art Museum

    The Mexican art Museum is in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago and the Mexican community has had a long and great influence I this Midwest city.

    This museum is home to the largest collection of Latino artworks in the United States; view the diverse and interesting pieces of Mexican art. It is a combination of folk art, traditional artwork, and contemporary art.

    Museum of Contemporary Art

    The Museum of Contemporary Art is another of several Chicago museums for you get cultured. It has an ever-changing set of temporary exhibitions and you really can’t tell what you will find on display at the museum, you never really know what you’re going to get at this museum. It’s good for modern art lovers but sometimes verges on just being weird.

    Chicago Children’s Museum

    Chicago Children’s Museum

    Chicago Children’s Museum

    Chicago Children’s Museum is a must if you have traveled with kids and it is located on the Navy Pier. The collection of dynamic displays, educational and interactive exhibits are a hit with children and will keep their interest and energy high throughout the visit.

    Let the children see a real dinosaur excavation pit within the museum as well as put their analytical and creative skills to work in the Tinkering Lab by tinkering with the parts and tools.

    Museum of Science & Industry

    The Museum of Science and Industry is both an adult and children attraction. It has many exciting exhibits for visitors especially children who will be captivated by the likes of the 40-foot tornado in the Science Storms and the Mirror Maze.

    Experience the model train trip from Chicago to Seattle and view an actual U-505 German Submarine among other great displays. This is the largest museum dedicated to science and industry in the US.

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    Maggie C. Daley Park

    This is the place for kids to unwind after a day of touring museums for great outdoor time. It is on the shores of Lake Michigan, featuring mini golf, a skating area both for summer and winter, wall climbing and more.

    Watch fireworks at the Navy Pier

    Watch fireworks at the Navy Pier in the evening before you retire to your hotel room. There are fireworks shows twice a week which can be viewed from the dock or fireworks cruise.

    Eat an Italian beef sandwich

    Day two is time to have a taste of another Chicago serving. After the deep-dish pizza, the Italian beef sandwich is the next local Chicago delicacy. Take a break for an Italian sandwich snack on your second day at one of the many locations that serve the dish.

    End the day with Chicago blues and Comedy

    There is no better way of closing day two of your visit than with great laughs or soul-soothing blues music. This is the day for you to experience Chicago comedy and blues. Comedy and blues are staples of the people of Chicago with many venues for anyone who wants a taste of real blues and comedy.

    You should not leave Chicago before you experience some Chicago blues and day two is the best time to go out for blues on your three-day trip. This is probably the only city in the US where one can still have an experience of listening to really good blues. Find a club with which plays blues for a night of this great American art form.

    Alternatively, you can opt for some great comedy in the city where some of the greatest comedians have originated and performed.

    After comedy laughs or some music, it is time to go to bed and bring a close to 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 2.

  • 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide-Day 1

    Chicago is a city rich in history with great architecture and other attractions which should keep you busy if you have three days to tour the city. The windy city will never disappoint as long as you know where to go. It is best that you divide the three days for different activities or visits to make the most out of your stay. This is our recommended 3 days in Chicago: travel guide-day 1.

    The city has a vibrant arts and culture scene with world-renowned museums, great restaurants for unforgettable culinary adventure and some of the best hotels in the world for affordable and luxurious accommodation and other great attractions.

    The best time to visit Chicago and escape the cold weather and hopefully avoid snow is between early June and late September.

    These are the places to visits on the first day:

    The Navy Pier

    3 Days in Chicago Travel Guide-Day 1

    3 Days in Chicago Travel Guide-Day 1

    The Navy Pier with the Ferris wheel, carnival rides, movie theatre can set the tone for your day 1 tour. It is a fun place to visit for the fun atmosphere and is really the point where most tours begin.

    Before you start the main engagement of the day, a tour along the river, walk around this Chicago landmark and maybe take breakfast here before you begin the day.

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    The architectural tour along the river

    A tour along the river is a must for a complete visit to Chicago. whether you are doing a walk or taking a cruise along the river, you have to do it. This is a tour of the architectural history of Chicago and ends at Michigan Avenue from where you can do the short walk to The Art Institute of Chicago.

    The tour starts from the Navy Pier and is an ideal way of learning the history of the city as well as exploring the architecture. Learn about the fire of 1871 and how that tragedy that destroyed most of the city made Chicago the birthplace of skyscrapers and gave birth to some of the tallest building in the world and the unique skyline.

    A walk, through history, is the best way to begin your visit.

    Art Institute of Chicago

    Right at the end of the architectural tour along the river, your next stop should be the Art Institute of Chicago. After viewing the iconic Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower), which marks the end of the river tour, walk along Michigan Avenue to the museum.

    Chicago has a robust arts and culture scene and the Art Institute is a big part of that. View the art collection and all the other displays before you take a break for lunch. You can choose to eat at the museum restaurants or sample a dish at one of the restaurants nearby.

    Eat the ‘Chicago staple’ for lunch- deep dish pizza

    Of all the foods you eat in the windy city, ensure that you have a taste of the deep-dish pizza and other local cuisines. There are a lot of eateries serving this Chicagoan pizza- ask for directions to the nearest deep-dish pizza place.

    Bus Tour

    You have done the river tour and eaten the deep-dish pizza, now you can opt for a bus tour through the streets, past all the top Chicago attractions and landmarks you did not see from the water such as Museum Campus, Water Tower Place Mall, Willis Tower etc.

    This tor will give a quick orientation and bearing of the city before you start moving around on your own. The beauty is that you will drop off at most of the landmarks for an up-close look and experience.

    Shedd Aquarium

    Situated in Chicago’s Museum Campus, the Shedd Aquarium is a place for both adults and kids and is home to 32,000 fascinating and unique marine creatures from diverse habitats. It is probably the top aquarium in all of USA.

    Enjoy the show centered on the rescue & rehabilitation of marine animals and the beautiful sea creatures.

    The Field Museum

    Art Institute of Chicago

    Art Institute of Chicago

    It is right next to the Shedd Aquarium. The Field Museum is a natural history museum ideal for educational and entertaining tours. With a collection curated over 100 years, this museum has some of the most fascinating and impressive collection of natural science artifacts.

    From the preserved remains of the man-eater lions of Tsavo who attacked and fed on scores of the Kenya-Uganda railway builders to the T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) skeleton, Sue, which is the most complete of its kind. Go and see the gemstones and minerals in their collection as well as exhibits of Ancient Egypt. Do not leave without stopping by the Underground Adventure exhibit.

    Adler Planetarium

    This is another great attraction in the museum campus. The Adler Planetarium nine unique exhibits, the historic Atwood Sphere experience, and several theaters.

    You will experience such exhibits as Astronomy in Culture, Planet Explorers and more. This is the space for space science lovers.

    Willis Tower (former Sears Tower) Skydeck

    There is no better thrill than being on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. This is the tallest building in Chicago from where the glass boxes allow visitors a birds-eye view of the city of Chicago. The view from the glass platform is incredible and is an unforgettable experience.

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    Millennium Park

    Millennium Park is an outdoor attraction, with two great outdoor features, the Crown Fountain & the Cloud Gate. The Crown Fountain is the place to cool down.  You will be mesmerized by faces lighting up the structures. The Cloud Gate is popular for the reflective surface and is a popular photo spot.

    Close day 1 with drinks at a rooftop restaurant……

    Cap 3 days in Chicago: travel guide-day 1 with drinks at one of the rooftop restaurants and bars. There is no better way to close the day than with a great view of Lake Michigan and the city’s great skyline.

    Get some well-deserved rest and sleep and wake up to day 2.