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Our stories and posts are products of research and actual experiences. .  All information is accurate and up to date . The tips and guidelines we provide can be useful to anyone, whether you are a traveler or a non-travelling individual. The issues we tackle are real concerns which can  apply to guests and hotel owners, travelers, and even those who are looking to travel in the future.  In other words , we provide value for all audience. 


Through our articles, we suggest useful guidelines for a better traveling experience. Likewise, we provide in depth information about the best places to stay in the city, along with  easy to follow tips on how to prevent and correct issues usually encountered during travel. 


Seven  years ago, I was working  as a sales manager for a big appliance company and part of my job required travelling to different places, and often staying in different hotels.  In the business world I was in,  where making sales was the mainstream, having enough energy to hustle  was a requirement for success. It was then that I  started to realize the importance of getting enough rest and sleep.  I started making notes of comparison amongst hotels I stayed in. From food, comfort, amenities, and the ones which are the most conducive for getting the most comfortable sleep. I often shared these insights to family and friends. A few years later, as I move to the windy city, I decided to put them in writing and share to everyone. Thus , the House of Two Urns  was born. 


Our core value is to provide support and learning by providing  honest and transparent information. 

Featured posts 

First time in the Windy City ?  Don’t know which hotel to choose?  Bed bugs ruining your business?  These are just a few situations that can possibly cause unnecessary stress and confusion, and can ruin what should otherwise be a good chance to rest and unwind.  No worries. We understand the common concerns that travelers , guests, and even hotel owners usually encounter. Through our posts, we speak with our audience. Through factual and transparent information, we try to provide answers. 

If you are new in town and don’t know which place to stay, we offer an in depth look at the best hotels in town. Our travel guide ensures a smooth sailing travel experience. From honest reviews to practical suggestions, these  are a must for every traveler. We even offer tips and guidelines for better sleep and relaxation. Because to us, our audience matters.  

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