Review of 10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2019

Chicago is a world-class city with some of the best restaurants in the world. The culinary scene is varied with eateries offering all sorts of dishes to cater to different palates and reflects the cultural diversity and dynamism of the city. This is a review of 10 best Chicago restaurants 2018.

Much like its great history, iconic architecture and skyline and sports pedigree, the restaurants of Chicago offer a great dining experience.

From Korean delicacies to American contemporary cuisine, these restaurants represent the best of what the Chicago culinary scene has to offer. There is a place for everyone, the tourist, the foody and the business traveler; just as you need a good hotel to sleep in while traveling, you need to eat well.

1. Bellemore

Review of 10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

Review of 10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

Bellemore in West Loop, 564 W Randolph St is a collaboration of the owners Boka Group and award-winning and renowned chef Jimmy Papadopoulos. Get a taste of luxe dining by ordering the luxe oyster pie topped with a layer of caviar, made famous on Instagram as well as the swankiness of the space and great cocktails.

It has a six-course tasting menu for the foodies and those want to know more about what they are eating.

The chef proves his versatility here, whereas he is best known for Eastern European cooking and flavors; you can order such dishes as a savory oyster custard flirts with Osetra caviar, dill in oyster pie, earthy grilled mushrooms with pumpernickel and lime served with venison tartare, and more.

2. Big Star

The Big Star has opened a new location at Wrigleyville in addition to the branch in Wicker Park. Since the new location is across from the famous Wrigley Field, it is the perfect spot for the Chicago Cubs fans and every sports enthusiast. It is the ultimate sports restaurant for delicacies to feast on before, during and after a game at the stadium.

Enjoy the new addition to the menu- hot chips, freshly fried and coated with salsa. It is more spacious, with a huge patio for those who want to sit outside.

3. Entente

Fine dining in Lakeview!

Entente in Lakeview is a place for fine dining with a friendly minimalistic décor; for one who is new to fine dining, this is the place to come because it is approachable and easygoing to make you comfortable and help you enjoy the new experience.

The dishes here are the work of Chef Brian Fisher, applying his inventive approach to cooking. Order from the curated menu a variety of appetizers and entrées, cocktails and wines. Try the popular offers such as the wedge salad (lettuce stuffed with creamy green-goddess dressing and topped with bacon, tomato puree and Cambozola cheese) and Carolina Gold – a dish of a duck egg, shaved truffles, pea tendrils and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

4. Etta

10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

10 Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

Etta in Wicker Park along 1840 W North Ave is the restaurant for everyone, from kids to adults to groups who want to feast on good food. Enjoy the wood fire cooked plates of pasta and pizzas, a variety of vegetables and meats like pork shoulder. To accompany your food, you can sip on the great wine and awesome cocktails on offer.

Pick a booth or one of the tables inside if you are in a group and sit comfortably as you catch up or if you are winding down after a long day’s work. This is the perfect restaurant for a weeknight meal.

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5. Ina Mae Tavern & Packaged Goods

Ina Mae Tavern & Packaged Goods is another Wicker Park restaurant on 1415 N Wood St specializing in authentic New Orleans-style dishes. You do not have to dress up to eat here- don your casuals and dip your fingers into the delicious half-pound servings of chargrilled oysters, po’boys and other seafoods like crawfish and shrimp.

Enjoy the sumptuous New Orleans inspired food, the fun of the place as well as the great snacks and drinks.

6. Lula Café

This is your location for the best Saturday and Sunday brunches and has been open since 1999.

The Lula Café in Loga Square is the place for fresh locally sourced ingredients. It is the ultimate farm-to-table location which allows the diner to immerse himself or herself in the freshness and rapturous flavors of fresh produce.

Because of the restaurant’s approach, the North Side eatery’s menu changes depending on the produce available with every changing season. It is the go-to destination for weekend brunch and you will understand why with such pleasures as The Royale breakfast sandwich on the menu.

If you want to mark a special occasion or want to wind down time as a family on the weekends, Lula café has the best brunch menu with feasts like coconut brioche French toast topped with banana pastry cream and kaffir lime.

7. Oriole

The Oriole is another great restaurant in the West Loop area of Chicago.

Indulge in their clever menu with inviting and tasty bites that will have you wishing for more. With only 28 seats, you may want to book a reservation to be assured of a seat at this on-demand eatery. Enjoy the flavor of dishes like Beausoleil oyster with Iberico consomme and finger lime or capellini with Burgundy truffle.

The owner-chefs are always working on the always-evolving menu to keep diners wanting more and to create a great dining experience. It is not by luck that they were awarded 2 Michelin stars.

8. Pacific Standard Time

California flavors in Chicago!

Have a taste of California flavors at the Pacific Standard Time in River North, on 141 W Erie St. This is a venture of Underscore Hospitality and One Off Hospitality offering California inspired cooking from the salads to the woof fire pizzas.

Try the specially made pizzas and great tasting main courses of fresh and seasonal dishes. You will find on the menu treats like ramp and ham pizza, wood roasted baby carrots with onion-tahini puree or Harry’s berries strawberries with yogurt.

9. Passerotto

Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

Best Chicago Restaurants 2018

Passerotto may sound Italian but it is a great Korean restaurant in Andersonville, 5420 N Clark St. It is nicely decorated and offers native Korean food as well as unique dishes blended from Italian and Korean delicacies. The menu features plates such as fish, noodles, banchan, kimchi pajeon pancake.

It is owned by Chef Jennifer Kim who was previously in the kitchens of Blackbird, Nico Osteria and Snaggletooth. Eat everything delicious and fresh with the expertise of a seasoned chef.

10. Roister

This restaurant in the West Loop is brought to you by the culinary hands behind Alinea- the three-Michelin-starred eatery, also of Chicago.

This is the place to eat if you want to experience contemporary American cooking while in the windy city. The restaurant is sleekly decorated with great music. Get your taste buds active by ordering dishes such charred daikon and scallop crudo with mustard cooked right before you.

Dress casually, enjoy the loud music without the rigors of a traditional fine dining outing. Make sure you try the signature whole chicken dish and delicious accompaniments like Yukon fries and cheddar rillettes.

The bottom line…

These are our recommendations of some of the best restaurants Chicago has to offer to its visitors as well as residents who have not had a chance to visit them.

This review of 10 best Chicago restaurants 2018 offers a broad choice of top restaurants in different locations, serving a variety of great dishes and dining experiences.

As you enjoy the hospitality of your hotel, learn more about Chicago by sampling the foods and restaurants. Enjoy the great delicacies and flavors served by these restaurants.

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