3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 2

With so many attractions to see, you will want to cover more ground on day two of tour visit. This is the day when you want to really understand the city and its people. For 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 2, we recommend visiting places that are most frequented and loved by locals to make the most out of day two.

Day two gives you the opportunity to visit the bulk of the attractions and place which will give you a real glimpse of Chicago.

Chicago Theater District

The theatre district is a good area to visit for both lovers of theatre and for anyone who wants to better understand the history of the arts and theatre in Chicago.

The Chicago theatre district has the biggest collection of public art. View the various Picasso sculptures scattered in the theatre district like the Monument with Standing Beast.

Tour the iconic Chicago Theatre, which has hosted some of the greatest theatre performances by top actors and actresses, and is a highly regarded historic US theater. For history and culture enthusiasts, this is an important attraction to visit.

The Chicago theatre stage has hosted such celebrated artists as Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. You will also find a photo exhibit and celebrity autographs on the wall.

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park is home to baseball fields, miniature golf, a driving range, farmers market, park conservatory, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Walk through the park to enjoy the scenery and for relaxation before you walk into the zoo. This is one of the oldest zoos in the country and is free for admission.

Wrigley Field

Chicago is a big sports city and this is the heart of Chicago baseball. You can watch a game and experience the atmosphere of the quintessential American sport if you are lucky enough to catch a Chicago Cubs game.

There is still a lot to see at Wrigley without a game on; tour the ground and stadium exhibits for a history of the team as well as a tour of the 1914 ballpark which is the second-oldest after Boston’s Fenway Park. Do not leave without eating a Chicago hot dog.

Rent a bike and tour

Renting a bicycle and riding around the city is a great way of touring Chicago. Get on a bike and cycle around the Navy Pier and the waterfront. Cycle the trails, paths, and parks as you explore the city.

Go to the beach on Lake Michigan

Go to the beach on Lake Michigan The beach on Lake Michigan is a great option for relaxation and basking in the sun on day two. Take a walk to the lake and take an afternoon dip. The great thing about the lake is that it is only a short distance away from the heart of the city.

If you’re not into swimming, a stroll at the long and magnificent shore of the beach can help keep you relaxed and put your mind off things. But if you do not like the sandy and wet feeling on your feet, do not forget to take waterproof walking shoes with you!

Visit the Mexican Art Museum

The Mexican art Museum is in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago and the Mexican community has had a long and great influence I this Midwest city.

This museum is home to the largest collection of Latino artworks in the United States; view the diverse and interesting pieces of Mexican art. It is a combination of folk art, traditional artwork, and contemporary art.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art is another of several Chicago museums for you get cultured. It has an ever-changing set of temporary exhibitions and you really can’t tell what you will find on display at the museum, you never really know what you’re going to get at this museum. It’s good for modern art lovers but sometimes verges on just being weird.

Chicago Children’s Museum

Chicago Children’s Museum

Chicago Children’s Museum

Chicago Children’s Museum is a must if you have traveled with kids and it is located on the Navy Pier. The collection of dynamic displays, educational and interactive exhibits are a hit with children and will keep their interest and energy high throughout the visit.

Let the children see a real dinosaur excavation pit within the museum as well as put their analytical and creative skills to work in the Tinkering Lab by tinkering with the parts and tools.

Museum of Science & Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry is both an adult and children attraction. It has many exciting exhibits for visitors especially children who will be captivated by the likes of the 40-foot tornado in the Science Storms and the Mirror Maze.

Experience the model train trip from Chicago to Seattle and view an actual U-505 German Submarine among other great displays. This is the largest museum dedicated to science and industry in the US.

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Maggie C. Daley Park

This is the place for kids to unwind after a day of touring museums for great outdoor time. It is on the shores of Lake Michigan, featuring mini golf, a skating area both for summer and winter, wall climbing and more.

Watch fireworks at the Navy Pier

Watch fireworks at the Navy Pier in the evening before you retire to your hotel room. There are fireworks shows twice a week which can be viewed from the dock or fireworks cruise.

Eat an Italian beef sandwich

Day two is time to have a taste of another Chicago serving. After the deep-dish pizza, the Italian beef sandwich is the next local Chicago delicacy. Take a break for an Italian sandwich snack on your second day at one of the many locations that serve the dish.

End the day with Chicago blues and Comedy

There is no better way of closing day two of your visit than with great laughs or soul-soothing blues music. This is the day for you to experience Chicago comedy and blues. Comedy and blues are staples of the people of Chicago with many venues for anyone who wants a taste of real blues and comedy.

You should not leave Chicago before you experience some Chicago blues and day two is the best time to go out for blues on your three-day trip. This is probably the only city in the US where one can still have an experience of listening to really good blues. Find a club with which plays blues for a night of this great American art form.

Alternatively, you can opt for some great comedy in the city where some of the greatest comedians have originated and performed.

After comedy laughs or some music, it is time to go to bed and bring a close to 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 2.

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