3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 3

You are now on the last day of your three days in Chicago. By now you should have covered pretty much most of the popular attractions and any other place you have wanted to go to in the city. 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 3 should be an easy day as you prepare to leave today or tomorrow.

This is the day you want to go shopping to pick up a few mementos and souvenirs to remember your visit by. Even if you want to do more sightseeing, you want it to be relaxed; visit a park or the pier then go back to your hotel and pack up for your journey out of Chicago.

Chicago has so much to see and experience that you cannot possibly exhaust them in three days. Since this is your last day, we do not want to recommend a demanding itinerary that will sap you of energy to take you through your journey back- a light but memorable schedule is the way to go.

Here are some great places you want to store for the last day:

Take a walk down the Magnificent Mile

the Magnificent Mile

the Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile is the shopping street of Chicago and is right in the heart of Chicago’s business district. This is where you will get all the high-end stores and brands. You do not have to shop to visit the Magnificent Mile, you can go and explore the architecture and landmarks found on that street including some of the tallest buildings.

Apart from the boutiques and stores, there are some great restaurants serving very good dishes on this street- walk into one and order a goodbye lunch as you wind up your trip. With over 400 stores, 250 restaurants, and about 70 hotels, there is so much to see and experience. You may take a capture a piece of history by taking a picture at one of the few buildings that survived the Great Chicago fire of 1871, the Historic Water Tower.

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Explore Wicker Park

The Wicker Park is to the North of downtown Chicago and is another destination worth exploring because of the boutiques and vintage shops. Take a tour of this trendy Chicago neighborhood and take a break to eat at one of the restaurants and cafes.

This is your opportunity to explore one of US’s most affluent neighborhoods and have a look at the high-end boutiques and designer shops as well as the historic homes. Wicker Park is best explored on foot for a wholesome experience.

Hyde Park

Go to Hyde Park if you want a local experience away from the crowds. Since it is close to the Museum of Science and Industry, if you have not visited it yet, this is your chance to experience the displays in this museum which you will not find anywhere else. You can also take a walk through the Jackson Park.

Hyde Park was the location of the Chicago World Fair also referred to as the Columbian Exposition in 1893, a huge moment in history because it is the event where electricity was introduced to the US and The Hyde Park is still historically significant and neighbor two important cultural and educational institutions in The University of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry.

The home of the immediate former President Barack Obama is close by and the nearby DuSable Museum of African American History is the largest institution, of its kind, curating African American history in the United States.

If you are an architectural enthusiast, you will find in Hyde Park, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, considered one of the most iconic masterpieces in American architectural design.

John Hancock 360 view of Chicago

How about a 360 view of Chicago before you say goodbye. The iconic John Hancock Tower on Michigan Avenue, one of the tallest buildings in Chicago has an observation deck offering a 360 view of the city from the 94th floor- an unrivaled view bird’s eye view of the city.

You will have a view of the iconic Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan to die for. You can virtually spot any place you want from here.

Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

If you came to Chicago with children, this is probably where you want them to visit last. The Navy Pier centennial wheel is one of the oldest and iconic landmarks of this city. The Navy Pier is Chicago’s most visited attraction and it has many things to explore including restaurants and of course the waterfront. It is even better because you do not have to pay a fee, it is free.

There are a variety of things in this location including the Children’s Museum, a concert venue where you can enjoy live music if there is a performance and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

However, the crown jewel is the iconic Ferris wheel which can be seen from all over the city; a new Centennial Ferris Wheel was added to mark 100 years of the Navy Pier.

These are our recommendations for day three of your visit to Chicago. These attractions and places should be a great way to cap your visit for your 3 Days in Chicago: Travel Guide – Day 3.

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