How to Have Good Sleep While Traveling

Sleep is important, but more so when you are traveling across different time zones or geographical locations when you need sufficient physical and mental rest. You don’t want to yawn all day long or experience restless sleep; this is why it is important, especially if you are a frequent traveler, to learn how to have good sleep while traveling.

Sleep is crucial when you are on a long-distance trip or when you have a rigorous schedule at your destination. You can still get sufficient even without the mattress and pillow you are used to. 😊

6 things you need to do before the trip for good sleep

1. Adjust your sleep

How to Have Good Sleep While Traveling

How to Have Good Sleep While Traveling

It is important to modify your sleeping habits a few days before the trip. This will be in readiness for the impact of the new time zone.

Changing habits like bedtime to that of the intended new locality will help in adjusting your eating habits, making it easy for you to deal with time change once you arrive at your destination.

2. Hydrate your body

Ensure that you have a high liquid consumption for about 2 days before you travel.

We advise that you carry your own water bottle instead of relying on the one provided by the airline. It may not be enough to hydrate your body owing to the high altitudes and air purification.

3. Dress appropriately

For longer flights, a comfortable outfit like just a simple Sweatpant, T shirt and a hoodie is just enough. Comfortable shoes also add to your comfort to enable you to get some sleep during the trip.

Keeping up with fashion and trends may see you dress in uncomfortable outfits and will make your trip a horrible one. Sleeping during such a trip will be next to impossible.

4. Be keen on the food you eat

Eat light meals that are easily digestible. A snack is preferred. You won’t feel so tired because it requires less energy to digest and your body will be ready for sleep in the shortest time.

5. Don’t go for red-eye flights

Red-eye flights are known to disrupt sleep. Dealing with baggage claim, hotel transfer and allocation is just enough to rob you sleep off your eyes.

6. Pack staffs that make you comfortable and relaxed

What about carrying your favorite pillow or pillowcase and a throw blanket? This will make you feel at home and relaxed.

6 things you need to consider during the trip for good sleep

1. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks

You may be tempted to take a few glasses of alcohol before bed. Avoid this as much as possible. They may change your sleeping routines. The result will be a worn out person in the morning.

To deal with your worn out self, a cup of coffee will be the first thing to come to your mind. Just make sure you do not indulge in such in the afternoon. Otherwise, you will find it hard sleeping at night.

2. Deal with inconvenient light

Good Sleep While Traveling

Good Sleep While Traveling

Unwanted light is one of the biggest menace for travelers. Try as much as you can to completely shut the curtains before shutting your eyes. You sure do not want the annoying sun rays to wake you in the morning.

You can also use a light-eliminating mask to keep off any light from disturbing your nap on the plane.

3. Block out unwanted noise

Strange noises is a common feature in hotels and resorts. This ranges from shutting doors from the nearest rooms, noise from the elevators and other travelers. To deal with this you can:

  • Use earplugs before retiring to bed.
  • Booking rooms far from the elevators.
  • Download ambient noise app on your smartphone.
  • Put the ‘’do not disturb’’ notice outside your hotel door.

4. Set the appropriate temperature for sleep

Adjust the thermostat to your preferred sleeping temperature. This you must do as soon as you get into the room or an hour before bedtime. We recommend the temperature ranging from 68-72 degrees centigrade.

5. Pick out the preferred pillow

It is so irritating and uncomfortable when you have to sleep the whole night on an uncomfortable pillow. Just take a few minutes before sleep to try out the unfamiliar pillows in different positions.

If you carried your own pillow from home, it comes in handy at this point. It will not only give you the comfort you need but it will also make you feel at home.

Turn your pillow the opposite way instead of the normal U-shape around your neck. This will reduce neck pain while on the plane and you will enjoy your sleep whenever you want.

6. Reduce jet lag

Sleep during trip

Sleep during trip

Jet lag signs are more pronounced when traveling towards the east. We advise you to avoid light between midnight and 6am when your destination has a time zone of three hours difference. Also, be in light between 8 o’clock in the morning and 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Increase the duration you avoid and seek light as the time zones increases.

7. Choose an appropriate seat

A seat near the window is the best bet if you want to snooze in the air. It allows you to lean up against the plane.

The only shortcoming of this seat is that it doesn’t really favor those over 5’10’’ since the space for the leg will be limited.

8. Lean back while on the plane

Do not forget you paid money for the seat. Don’t feel shy. Just recline that baby back and enjoy your sleep.

9. Keep essentials on-hand while in the plane

According to Breus, make sure that you have an eye mask, ear plugs, a meditation and relaxation audio tape. This will help you keep off unnecessary distractions and you will in return enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

10. Remember to turn off your monitor

Blue light is known to extend the time one takes to fall asleep. Power off your screen to avoid exposure to this light.

11. Do some yoga in the hotel room

If you simply cannot relax in the hotel room, we suggest you do some yoga and light stretching. This will increase the pumping rate of blood and in return relax your body and brain.


Traveling should be exciting as possible. New places, new foods and new friends just add up to the wonderful experience when traveling.

Sleep can give you trouble and cut short the wonderful travel experience. Remember, you are leaving the comfort of your cozy bedroom at home. It is just unfortunate that you cannot carry your bedroom onto the plane, but you can actually make your hotel room more comfortable for sleep using the tips we have discussed.

It can be so discouraging if you land at your destination only to realize that you are too tired to carry out the activities you intended to do. Talk less of enjoying beautiful things the new town has to offer. That is something we do not want you to experience.

Your preparations on how to have good sleep while traveling should start a few days prior to the D day and continue during the actual trip. Just choose what is appropriate for you and enjoy your trip.

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