How to Remove Bed Bugs in Hotel Rooms

The very last thing that any hotelier or restaurant owner wants to get info about is a negative mention in the public domain, why? There are many things that can attract negative publicity and the worst one for a hotel is the presence of bed bugs in the rooms. As a result, the burning question with many hotel owners is how to remove bed bugs in hotel rooms.

Having to get rid of these bothersome insects will need you to set aside some cash for the purchase of insecticides even though some may find it hard to set aside a given amount due to the escalation of input costs.

However, setting aside some money for dealing with these bugs in your budget is a necessary and good decision which saves more in the long run. It saves an establishment from the loss of a good reputation and loss of business.

The first measure you ought to embrace is maintaining and ensuring cleanliness in your premise. Keeping your place clean and tidy prevents an invasion of bed bugs. Additionally, cleaning your premises prevents the growth of bacteria and eliminates anything that may attract pests and insects.

Bed bug

Bed bug

Secondly, you ought to have informed employees. Well, what you should do is train your employees to be aware of and keep an eye for any signs of pests and insects.

Bed bugs are the top pests in hotels and restaurants and sometimes it is virtually next to impossible to spot them.

So, what are the signs of bedbug infestation?

  • Bed bug bites

Bites emanating with these insects tend to occur in a line on exposed skin, specifically on the face, arms, legs, as well as the neck.

It is quite comical to say this; the bites come in three stages or rather intervals which are famously termed as breakfast, lunch, and supper

  • Guests complain

The most reliable way to identify and verify the truth of the matter is through customer feedback.

Staff feedback: The other way to unearth bed bugs is through your staff members. They may manifest bites.

  • Bedbug droppings

You may confirm presence of these bugs from their excretion which is naturally black.

The easiest places to find the bedbug waste is on pillows and mattresses and they should be inspected regularly.

  • Live bed bugs

Getting live bed bugs is the indisputable way of confirming their presence. Adult bed bugs measure 4 to 5 mm in length while the eggs are 1mm and white in color. The young ones are 1.5 mm long and are straw colored after they hatch

  • Shed skins

Small or juvenile bed bugs shed their skins at each stage of their metamorphosis, therefore, if you find some shed bed bugs skins start to act.

  • A sickly aroma/scent

Bedbugs smell; when you smell a sickly, sweet aroma then you know that there is an infestation.

Do you want to remove your unwelcomed visitors? Well, below are some of the best ways to remove bed bugs in hotel rooms:

1. Vacuum Cleaning

Get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to draw noticeable bed bugs and slurp fine particles that are allergenic. After trapping them, carefully dispose of the dirt to prevent bed bugs from escaping.

2. Exclusion

Shed skins

Shed skins

Carefully seal holes, spaces, and cracks that could probably allow them in. Ensure pillows and mattresses are covered in cases that are well made.

For infected items, make sure you store them in a plastic seal and separate them from other items.

3. Heat Treatment

For bed bugs, high temperature is not only uncomfortable but also lethal, which means, they are easily killed on exposure to hot temperatures.

Similarly, they can barely survive in extreme cold temperatures. Their bodies are rendered inactive and deform at low temperatures of around -13 degrees Celsius.

What you should use in this instance is definitely a hair dryer. This can be used to direct heat into tiny openings and works effectively in all cases.

Whole-room heating is probably the best of all. This ensures the elimination of the bugs everywhere including the bedding, cracks, carpets, crevices as well as in furniture.

4. Insecticide/Pesticides

This is the most used bedbug elimination technique. Get yourself the right insecticide from a shop and carefully spray it in/on the right places. Do not discriminate any parts, this way you will fully eliminate them.

What can hotel guests do to spot bed bugs

Guests who book into hotels should also protect themselves from bed bugs and help with their elimination by doing the following:

Inspect the room first. Do not unpack; set your luggage in a bath tub or clean rack as you look around the room. Do not put your luggage on the floor until you are done with room inspection.

Get a flashlight look at the blankets and sheets by checking the dark corners where bed bugs hide.

Examine the mattress. Pull back all of the bed covers from the corner until the mattress is exposed. Closely check the folds and seams of the mattress for signs of bed bugs. A credit card is a great tool to help you get underneath the folds of the mattress where the bugs hide.

Inspect sheets surfaces looking for small brown spots, dried blood, or live bugs scurrying or lying about.

Examine any upholstered furniture in the room for signs of bed bugs which hide in dark places and crack or the seams and folds of furniture.

Bed bugs will hide in the curtains as well- check the folds and seams of the curtain especially the part closer to the floor.

Report any bed bugs sighting immediately.


These insights and tips are the way to how to remove bed bugs from hotel rooms. Of course, prevention is better than waiting to cure the problem.

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